Podcast 207: Broken, A Love Story with Lisa Jones

Lisa JonesThis is certainly a special story about a very spiritual relationship that transformed our author Lisa Jones life.  In 2002  Lisa was assigned to do a story by Smithsonian magazine about a Northern Arapaho Indian man named Stanford Addison who had a reputation as a gentle horse trainer.  Little did she know at the time that this man had spiritual powers that would grip her at a soul level and transform her life forever.

Stanford Addison had been a quadriplegic for more than 20 years, but his way with the horses and all of the people that he encountered was something special to behold.  He also had the spiritual power to cure people of everything from cancer to bipolar disorder.  Probably more remarkable, he did all of this from an electric wheelchair.

Initially our author Lisa Jones had anticipated staying on the reservation for only four days to write her story for Smithsonian, but ended up staying four years (off and on) and her experience with Stanford truly shifted her life journey.

At the time Lisa was 42 years old and dating a man she deeply loved, but he was at a crossroads in his life and wanted to passionately pursue his spirituality, considering a life as a Buddhist monk.   Lisa was obviously torn and needed assistance dealing with her personal issues.  As fate would have it and as a result of Stanford’s debilitating accident leaving him a quadriplegic, Stanford’s spiritual powers become heightened and his ability to tap into the heart and souls of the people needing a dose of his wisdom and spirit were nothing short of miraculous.

Over the months that led into years, Lisa would come back again and again to seek the wisdom and guidance of Stanford Addison, and thus their personal spiritual relationship blossomed.  This book entitled, “Broken, A Love Story“, is about Lisa’s personal spiritual journey and awakening to the essence of who she was as a woman.

I encourage you to listen to this wonderful interview about a beautiful woman who finds the most important love, and that is self love.  The power to transform not only your relationship with yourself, but with everyone you love and care about as well.  Please visit Lisa website by clicking here, and learn more about Stanford Addison.

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