Podcast 64: The Principles of Successful Manifesting with Thomas Herold

Thomas HeroldI have been personally using the “Dream Manifestation Wizard Software” for a couple of years now.  I recently contacted the developers of this software to learn more about the software and to do this podcast to help my listeners learn more about this tool for manifesting your dreams.

Thomas Herold and his wife Aviva are the developers of this software, and the “Dream Manifestation Kit“.  In this interview with Thomas we explore how fulfilling your dreams is the purpose of your life and your destiny.

The early death of his father was the starting point on his quest for life’s answers. Thomas became near-addicted to solving these puzzles; “Why am I here? What is my purpose? What is love? Where did the Universe come from, and where is it going? Most important of all: Who is this “me” that obviously has an effect on this world; or, does the world affect me?”

After studying computer electronics, he founded his first company, which produced astrology software. People told him “there is no market,” and he “should better get a job.” However, Thomas had a dream; and after 7 years, the company made a seven figure profit. Working in his own company allowed him to educate myself further, and to lead seminars and workshops about exploring consciousness throughout Europe.

The next steps on the quest led Thomas to Hawaii. This had a profound impact on his life, as he learned to get out of my head and feel life – what a difference! However, apparently he had asked for an even more dramatic lesson; after three years Thomas had a total breakdown. He spiraled down to “lose” everything, and from that experience, gained a fundamental insight into the nature of existence.

Thomas and his wife Aviva are on a quest to help individuals who want to reach the highest realms of human potential.  His contributions are tools and techniques to assist one in shifting patterns, thoughts and beliefs and truly live out their dreams.  I can highly recommend the Dream Manifesto Software and his new Dream Manifest Kit which includes audio CD’s for your listening and learning.

Please visit Thomas and Aviva’s website by clicking here.

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