Podcast 97: You Can Overcome Every Obstacle No Matter What with Lisa Nichols

Lisa Nichols I really enjoyed this interview with Lisa Nichols. She is charming, delightful to speak with and very centered. Our time together flew by, but not without capturing some of her wisdom about how to live the life you love.

Lisa’s new book, “No Matter What“, instructs the readers through inspired action steps, and I am not alone questions at the end of each of the chapters, to take action on their dreams and motivates the reader to think deeply about their own personal mastery.

Lisa reveals 9 steps or “muscles” and the essential actions we can all take to achieve the successful and fulfilling life we deserve. Lisa states that the bounce-back muscles are shaped and formed by life experiences-by overcoming challenges and rising to the occasion.

These muscles are:

  • Your Understanding Muscle
  • Your Faith-in Myself Muscle
  • Your Take-Action Muscle
  • Your I-Know-Like-I-Know Muscle
  • Your Honesty Muscle
  • Your Say-Yes Muscle
  • Your Determination Muscle
  • Your Forgiveness Muscle
  • Your Highest Choice Muscle

Strengthening the nine major bounce-back muscles is the key to moving toward the life you want and deserve according to Lisa. All of us are looking for something wonderful to hold on to in life, but what many people don’t realize is that before we can hold on to something new, we have to be willing to let go of something old.

You’ll get the tools and techniques to see past the problem, whatever it is, and into possibility-sooner-quicker-faster. Reading “No Matter What” will allow you to avoid getting stuck and give you the tools to make sure that the speed bumps that come up in your life don’t become stops signs.

I highly recommend No Matter What, the inspired action steps are a wonderful way for you to practice what you are learning. If you want to know more about Lisa and her workshops and books please click here for more information.

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