Jon GordonThis is my second interview with Jon, and every time that I have the opportunity to speak with him I come away with this new level of enthusiasm. I know that you too will pick up on Jon infectious way, and as you listen to his message please pay close attention to what Jon is saying in, “Training Camp: What the Best Do Better Than Everyone Else”.

If you are on a path of personal growth and mastery, then Jon’s book is a study of the people that he has encountered during his career as an author/speaker who have excelled in their lives. In our interview we discuss the traits and characteristics that are necessary to excel.

Some of those traits and characteristics are:

  • The Best know what they truly want.
  • The Best want it more.
  • The Best are always striving to get better.
  • The Best do ordinary things better than everyone else.
  • The Best zoom-focus.
  • The Best are mentally stronger.
  • The Best overcome their fear.
  • The Best seize the moment.
  • The Best tap into a power greater than themselves.
  • The Best leave a legacy.
  • The Best make everyone around them better.

Based on his work with professional sports teams, world class organizations, and interviews with top professionals in a wide variety of fields, Jon reveals the deep truths and proven strategies that take the very best to the top. Training Camp reveals that the best performers-in any field-all share the same qualities. Among other traits, the best of the best are able to maintain a big-picture vision while taking focused action, they are mentally strong, they seize the moment, and they inspire excellence in the people around them. But these are not inborn traits; they’re skills and attitudes that can be learned and applied by all.

If you want to be your best, Training Camp offers inspiring real-world wisdom on what it takes to reach true excellence and how you and your team –whether at work, school, or at home–can achieve it. If you would like more information about Jon’s books, workshops and trainings please click here to be linked to his website.

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