Barnet Meltzer M.D.I recently had the pleasure of meeting both Dr. Meltzer and his son Jordan, and what a wonderful father-son team. I went to their offices located in Del Mar, CA and got to spend a little time getting to know the men behind this great weight loss program.

Much of the weight loss program is centered around what is referred to in the book as the Light Your Fire program. This is a program designed to help you boost your metabolism and keep it there. As is stated in the book, two out of three Americans are either overweight or obese. We are all aware of the epidemic but what are we doing about it?.

Dr. Meltzer’s book, “The Best Kept Secret to Permanent Weight Loss“, provides a foundation designed to provide the reader with the answers and guidance to true weight loss. As is pointed out, metabolism can be measured by your metabolic rate–the rate at which you burn fat and carbohydrates. In fact, it is your metabolic rate that determines whether you are slim or trim or overweight. When you know how to naturally accelerate your metabolism, your body will be geared to aggressively burn excess fat. What Dr. Meltzer helps the reader understand is how to create and construct an accelerated metabolic rate, what he refers to a Metabolic Fire.

Metabolic Fire is a lifestyle alteration, but can be accelerated by three nutritional steps: 1) Power Cleanse 2) Nutritional Detox Plan 3) Maintenance Plan. The Light Your Fire Nutritional Program is designed to effectively match up your metabolic furnace with the best, high-octane nutritional fuel.

Even though the first section of the book is devoted to the physical things one does to increase their metabolism, the second section of the book focuses on the all important emotional factors associated with eating. Dr. Meltzer stated in our interview together that we all have appetites. He says that people frequently eat to just eat, and that we don’t just eat when we are hungry and that much of our challenges associated with being overweight could be eliminated by understanding the difference between appetites and hunger. Emotional stress, financial stress, and work stress usually serve as the driving force behind cravings and addictions. In fact, stress sets into motion a self-abusive cycle: stress leads to poor food choices, and poor food choices lead to weight gain, fatigue and even more stress.

Dr. Meltzer says that he has made some important observations in his forty years of practice. He says that you can self-regulate your eating habits when you stay tuned into your primary feelings. The key to this is emotional self-awareness–that is, knowing how you feel and how to deal with these feelings– this clarity leads to responsive, responsible behavior. The result is wholesome eating habits.

Dr. Meltzer articulates the Top Seven Golden Rules, which are a brilliant way to guide your life. 1) Make the commitment to select smart foods. 2) Know what not to Eat 3) Earn your meals 4) Always take a nutritional timeout before eating. 5) Never eat when you are emotional, stressed or rushed. 6) Only eat when you are hungry 7) Know when enough is enough. I think that if we all followed this advice and kept this list next to us as a reminder, that much of our weight issues would be solved.

I strongly recommend this great book, “The Best Kept Secret to Permanent Weight Loss“, you will not need any other book to help guide you through the physical and emotional issues associated with permanent weight loss.

If you would like to know more about the Meltzer Wellness Clinic located in Del Mar, CA please click here. There are coaching clinics, blogs, communities, and recipes available to at no-cost.

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