Podcast 93: Make Every Day a Friday with Marina Spence

Marina SpenceMarina Spence has written a wonderful book for women who are seeking ways to find a new career. Her book,”Make Every Day a Friday“, helps navigate women through the maze emotionally and spiritually as they explore their options. Marina says that career dissatisfaction is at an epidemic level. According to a Reuters survey, 60% of workers in the United States have either recently made a career change or are planning one. If you are in this group, then I highly recommend that you read “Make Every Day a Friday.”

Marina states that if women have a more fulfilling career, then the outcome is more happiness which leads to a positive affect on the people she influences which then leads to a greater circle of fulfillment and happiness. Simple enough said, but a little more challenging to achieve. She has a very basic method that assists the reader in discovering some of their early career lessons. In this self discovery phase she guides the reader through a series of questions and exercises that assist in helping the reader get in tune with what she really enjoys doing, and what she is not so found of doing. She brings the reader to an understanding of just how important it is to tap into their intuition, and listen to the voice within.

In the section on tuning in, Marina explores the importance of meditation both as a stress reducer, and as a way to find inner peace and really get in touch with your inner self. It is here that you can make transformational change as it relates to your life and career. Marina refers to heart centered tuning in where you take the time to quiet the mind of all the mind chatter, and focus on your breath. Noticing the relaxing benefits of this meditation helps to you get clearer about your intentions and what makes you happy. It is here that you will find the courage, peace and guidance to help you in your career changes.

In the three phases, discovery, zooming in and moving on, Marina provides the reader with activities and thought provoking questions designed to help guide you through your attachments to what is, and to visualize what can be. Each section has great charts outlining the activities associated with each of the phases in exploring career change.

I think that it is best to think of this book as your personal guide that has been designed to really get you to connect with all of the emotional issues that might be holding you back from a career move. Marina is a master at getting you to see the reality of the situation, and to overcome any fears you might have in connection with your decision to switch careers.

This book is a must read for any woman about to make a career move, or someone who has left a career and is looking to really get connected with not only their true talents, but a calling to make a difference.

If you would like to learn more about Marina’s coaching, and would like to get some simple no-cost advice I recommend that you visit her website by clicking here. I hope you enjoy this wonderful interview with Marina Spence.

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