Podcast 870: Breaking The Code: Stop Looking for Answers and Start Enjoying Life with Rusty Gaillard

I recently had the distinct pleasure of conducting a podcast with author and transformational coach Rusty Gaillard about his new book entitled “Breaking the Code-Stop Looking for Answers and Start Enjoying Life.

What I thoroughly enjoyed about my interview with Rusty was his authenticity and transparency in telling his personal stories in the book.  He bares his soul in an attempt to get the readers to understand that “everything you need to achieve a new level of success in life is available to you right now, the only thing that needs to change is for you is to have a different way of thinking and operating with the world around you–thus breaking the code.

Your code is the only thing standing between you and an even more rich and rewarding life.  “Or life is by design not by default,” states Rusty and if you never break the code, you will default to the same patterns of life that have guided you this far in life.

To upgrade your InnerTech, follow the acronym C.O.D.E. 

Confront: When you confront the inherent limitations of your code, you take an honest look at your life and what you believe is possible or practical for you.

Optimize: In order to change what’s not working, you have to optimize your code. This step involved identifying the elements of code (beliefs, assumptions, habits) that hold you back and updating them.

Design: Once you have optimized your beliefs, habits, and assumptions, you can design a vision for your next level of success. This is equivalent to picking the apps that you want on your phone.  When it comes to your InnerTEch, you design the life that you want.

Execute: You execute on your vision by taking action. Optimizing your beliefs and designing a vision isn’t enough. You must take action to create it in your life. Those action steps also serve–to install the new optimized code.

If you want to download the first three chapters of Rusty’s book please click here, this is being made available to only the listeners of Inside Personal Growth.  You can also contact Rusty through his website by clicking here.

I hope you enjoy this inspiring and truth-telling interview with Rusty Gaillard about his new book “Breaking the Code“.

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