Podcast 832: Everything Is Connected: Understanding a Complicated World with David Newman

Our world and our environment are paramount to our survival as a species.  It is apparent with how many environmental upheavals we have had from the fires in California to the flooding and hurricanes in the southern states that things with our environment are out of kilter.  Most notably is the issue with overall global warming.

Our guest for this podcast is David Newman an environmental advocate and long-time expert in the field of food waste.  His new book entitled “Everything is Connected: Understanding a Complicated World” touches on many of the issues we face worldwide, and how we can address what seem to be mounting environmental issues.

As David states ” Environmental activism has existed in one way or another since Man existed. Communities have resisted over the centuries the takeover of their lands by miners, deforesters, invaders grabbing their resources; the upstream diversion of rivers to make reservoirs; pollution of the air and water; and the dumping of waste in their backyards.”

While our problems with our environment are primarily due to the increased populations growing worldwide, it is also an issue of how we as human we dispose of the waste we create as a species, from the plastics that pollute our oceans to the growing issues with CO2 emissions that are causing global warming as a result of the burning of fossil fuels and many other contributing factors.

If you are looking to better understand our world, our environmental issues, and how we can best address these issues then you need to listen to my interview with environmental expert David Newman about his new book “Everything Is Connected”  Everything is not gloom and doom and there is still hope for our species.

You can download David’s book in a Kindle format from Amazon by clicking this link.

I hope you enjoy this wonderful interview with author David Newman about his new book “Everything is Connected“.



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