Podcast 756: The Responsibility Ethic with Adam Kreek

I was introduced to author Adam Kreek by Levi Bucsis, the founder of Momentum Personal Dashboard. If you are not familiar with this wonderful add-on to Chrome or Firefox browsers then you should be, check it out by clicking here.

Adam Kreek, Olympic Gold medalist for rowing among many other accolades has a wonderful new book entitled ” The Responsibility Ethic – 12 Strategies Exceptional People Use to Do the Work and Make Success Happen.” In my interview with Adam, we discuss the disciplines that are required to achieve “gold” – but just as importantly how to take responsibility for our fear of failure which is ethic number one.

We all want to achieve the goals we set, yet there is much to be learned and enjoyed in not achieving every single goal, every single time. What we experience during the process of reaching and failing can change our lives for the better, forever.

Adam tells a compelling story about himself and three other rowers trying to row from Africa to Miami, and failing in their attempt. Please click here to watch the NBC Dateline story called Capsized.

Research tells us that people who set goals are happier and more successful. Professors who set goals earn tenure faster, and employees who set goals get larger raises, and students who have goals set for them learn up to 250 percent faster than those who do not.  The emotional downside of big goals isn’t fear of feeling you’ve failed if you don’t attain them. It’s the feeling that you are a failure. The key to realize that there are valuable lessons to be learned from non-attainment is a key to your success.

“I personally believe that failure in many ways is as important to us as success. Success and failure are in fact, two side of the same coin…” states Adam.

Please join me in this wonderful interview with Adam Kreek about his new book “The Responsibility Ethic” as we discuss the 12 Ethics that will help to make anyone more aware so they can achieve the goals and success they deserve.  You can watch a great video with Adam speaking about “Seeking Failure on TedX this by clicking here“, and you can learn more about the book by clicking this link.

I hope you enjoy this compelling and engaging interview with author Adam Kreek about his new book “The Responsibility Ethic“.


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