Podcast 735: God and Love on Route 80 – The Hidden Mystery of Human Connectedness with Dr. Stephen Post

If you are questioning your entire interconnectedness to all beings in the world, and the associated synchronicities that occur as a result of our human interconnectedness then you are going to want to listen carefully to my interview with Dr. Stephen Post about his new book entitled “God and Love on Route 80-The Hidden Mystery of Human Connectedness“.

God and Love on Route 80 is Stephen’s remarkable true story of faith, love and fate. Compelled by persistent and mysterious dream of a blue angel, Stephen leaves behind his family and friends and routine life in New Hampshire in favor of thumbing a ride across the content on a spontaneous road trip adventure. This journey culminates in an extraordinary encounter that turns out to be only the beginning of Stephen’s spiritual odyssey.

“God and Love on Route 80” explores the meaning of life connected by graceful synchronicities. In an account animated by deep intuition, Stephen interprets his incredible experience as guidance from God’s compelling proof of humanity’s fundamental unity.

If you are seeking to understand more about your spiritual life, and want to find more meaning and purpose for your existence then you will want to read his new book and listen to my interview with Dr. Stephen Post about his compelling personal story and how he has found some of the hidden mysteries of our human connectedness.

To learn more about Dr. Stephen Post and his work you can visit his website by clicking here or go to his non profit website called UnlimitedLoveInstitute.org by clicking the link.  I hope you enjoy this spiritual story about how you too can find more meaning, purpose and love in your life.

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