Podcast 549: Survive to Thrive with Faisal Hoque

I had the honor of interviewing Faisal Hoque for the third time about his new book “Survive to Thrive“. In my interview with Faisal we discuss the lessons that he has learned in shaping his business career that he believes can help other entrepreneurs that are on a similar entrepreneurial path.

As Faisal states “behind every overnight success is the story of a person, team, or organization facing a host of obstacles that have the potential to shut everything down. Those who prevail share the ability to draw from within to weather whatever comes their way.”  Faisal’s new book “Survive to Thrive” provides 27 practices of resilient Entrepreneurs, Innovators and Leaders.

Through the stories and the 27 practices that are articulated in the book Faisal and his partner Lydia Dishman provide the reader with an opportunity to practice and apply these principles of success.

Along with the book is a free application for anybody wanting to improve their ability to be more resilient more creative and a better leader.

You can find more about the “Survive to Thrive” application by going to www.survivetothrive.pub
You can also check Faisal out at www.faisalhoque.com.  I hope you enjoy my interview with a wonderful man and author.

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