Kevin Cashman I had the pleasure of becoming acquainted with Kevin Cashman through my good friend and author Larry Wilson. I purchased Kevin’s book some years ago, and it always resonated with my philosophy with relationship to leadership. In my interview with Kevin, we get to explore the whole-person approach to leadership.

Leaders from around the country are singing praises for Leadership from the Inside Out, because the book is a practical leadership guide that offers real tools for leadership transformation.  “Leadership from the Inside Out”,  is different from other leadership or business management books, because it’s more than a book!   It takes readers on a reflective, interactive journey – a practical explorer’s guide focusing on mastery of life, rather than on mere mastery of circumstances or of managing people – to help readers advance from single-dimensional focus on results to multi-dimensional high performance. Expect to be transformed.

REDEFINING LEADERSHIP: The book advances a view of leadership that originates in the character of the person and radiates outward to enrich others. It goes beyond competency and skill-building to character and personal development. Penetrating the externally defined manifestations of leadership, it goes to the essence of leadership itself: authentic self-expression that creates value. It will literally turn your views of leadership inside-out.

INTERDISCIPLINARY: The book’s whole-person approach integrates seven interrelated pathways to leadership: Personal Mastery, Purpose Mastery, Change Mastery, Interpersonal Mastery, Being Mastery, Balance Mastery and Action Mastery. Through insightful stories, real-life examples and practical exercises, Leadership from the Inside Out helps you connect personal growth to leadership effectiveness.

I thoroughly enjoyed my interview with Kevin, and I learned what it takes to become a leader during these turbulent and consistently changing times. If you are in a position of leadership, I highly recommend Kevin’s original release or I would also consider the revised edition that will be released in September 2008 by Berrett-Koehler. You can visit Amazon now and pre-order the revised edition to be released soon.

Please visit Kevin’s website for more information about his consulting organization by clicking here. You can also look inside the new book by clicking here which will direct you to Amazon.

Enjoy this engaging and insightful interview with a master in the art of leadership.

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