Cathy and Gary HawkI first met Gary Hawk many years ago in San Diego when he was involved in the development of a program called the, “Inner Circle.” Gary is a wonderfully gifted facilitator helping CEO’s and top executives transform their organizations into more effective and efficient operations. Gary had lots of prior experience having held top executive positions of leadership in major national corporations.

A few years back Gary’s life took an interesting shift when he met his new wife Cathy. Cathy is the founder of, “Clarity International“, an organization who’s focus is the development of personal and professional vision. Cathy is a pioneer in the field of energy coaching, and has the first trademarked interview system based on chakras. She refers to the process as “Lights on Learning Method”. When the two of them teamed up with their unique talents, they brought to the world a unique partnership focusing on helping people transform their lives for success.

Our podcast focuses on their new book entitled, “Creating the Rest of Your Life, An Atlas for Manifesting Success & Excellence in Life & Work“, which is a combination book and guide to helping individuals manifest success and excellence in their life and work. They use a very interesting graphic in the book called a “journey map”. This journey map helps guide you on a path to living you life with your “lights on” as Gary and Cathy refer to it. There are 27 different points of reflection and insight along the way, all focused on helping you gain clarity about yourself and where you want to go.

I love a quote they have used in the book in the first chapter from Elisabeth Kubler-Ross “People are like stained glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when darkness sets in their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within”. Gary and Cathy will truly help you see the light within.

Please enjoy this wonderful interview with Gary and Cathy as we explore their new book, and how setting out on a path of clarity, focus, purpose and intention will help you become your authentic self.

If you would like more information about Gary and Cathy’s workshops, books, CD please visit their web site by clicking here Clarity International. Enjoy this interview…

P.S. I apologize for the audio quality for my internal mic as it was not set correctly, but Gary and Cathy’s audio quality is great.

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