Podcast 46: Calling In "The One" with Katherine Woodward Thomas

Katherine Woodward ThomasIt was a pleasure doing this podcast with Katherine Woodward Thomas. I found her book, and topic about attracting the love of your life to be very interesting. Katherine draws upon her personal experience to help others attract the perfect relationship into their lives. Her insights and lessons learned on her own personal journey are insightful. As Katherine so eloquently explains in this podcast about her own personal story, we need to start looking at what we are projecting to the opposite sex. What energetic are we carrying around, and what consequences are our subconscious thoughts playing in keeping us from the perfect relationship.

At the age of 41 Katherine started working on setting intentions to attracting the right person into her life. She stated that by the time she reached her 42nd birthday that she would be in the perfect relationship. Guess what!! Setting her intentions, meditating and praying each day helped her to shift her energetic and attract the perfect mate.

Katherine explains in our podcast that the energetic that one projects has either a positive or negative effect on who we attract into our lives. If you don’t believe or trust that you will find the right person, then guess what? You will never attract the right person into your life. It sounds simple, but the process of shifting your mindset and practicing setting your intentions takes practice. Katherine states that the energetic we hold in our body, is so important to attracting the perfect mate.

So if you are single and looking for the perfect relationship, and have not been able to find the perfect mate I would encourage you to listen to this podcast and read Katherine’s book entitled Calling in “The One”: 7 Weeks to Attract the Love of Your Life. You can also learn more about Katherine and her work by visiting her website by clicking here, to learn more about her workshops and seminars.

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