David DibbleI first attended one of David Dibble workshops a few years ago. He had just written a book called “New Agreements in the Workplace.” Some of you might recognize the similar sounding name to don Miguel Ruiz’s book entitled ” The Four Agreements.” This is by no means an accident for David studied the Toltec under don Miguel from 1990 to 1998. don Miguel ultimately kicked David out of his program and told him it was time for him to teach.

David has recently written a new book entitled, ” New Agreements In Health-care”, which focused on how to reform the systems and the thinking of the individuals in the health-care industry. David decided to apply his business knowledge and spiritual wisdom to helping reform health-care in the US. David articulates that the health-care system in this country is in dire need of resuscitation, yet when the questions of what needs to be fixed is thoroughly examined, we find that it’s largely a matter of simply acknowledging and addressing basic system problems. He states that we have become a nation of “sick-care” not health-care.

In David’s new book he stresses that we need to focus on the whole mind-body-spirit connection. That health-care in America as we know it, appears to be careening toward a terminal condition. The source of this disease is a slow and invisible killer that only exhibits its full potential for dysfunction toward the end of the life cycle. The pathogens that are making health-care so sick are the legacy health-care systems in which we are forced to deliver care. Like all systems that resist change in a changing environment, they become more complex and dysfunctional by the day.

In my interview with David, we explore his viewpoint as to what steps needs to be taken to reform the system. His simple but powerful new agreements are already having an effect on several hospitals and health-care providers. David has four simple yet profound agreements: 1) Find Your Purpose 2) Love, Grow and Serve Others, 3) Be a Systems Thinker 4) Practice a Little Every Day. David’s model for transformation of health-care is a combination of best practices, systems optimization, and universal spiritual principles.

I encourage you to visit David’s web site by clicking here to learn more about his consulting services, books and workshops. I hope you enjoy this engaging interview with a bright, articulate man who’s mission is to reform our health-care system.

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