Lisa Williams Ph.DDr. Lisa Williams is a wonderful, bright, articulate and loving soul. She has blessed our planet with her great energy and zest for life. I was invited to attend one of Lisa’s talks, but was not able to make it. My intuition told me that I needed to meet her, so I telephoned her to discuss her book and consulting practice, Williams Research. I was so impressed with Lisa just from our telephone conversation that I asked her to lunch so we could engage in a more deep and meaningful dialogue. I soon realized that her knowledge was vast and she had a deep passion for helping people transform their lives. During our first meeting I asked her to sit on an advisory board for my company, eLuminate, Inc ., which created, Digital Seed software, an interactive learning platform. She gracefully accepted, and the rest is history, for we have been friends ever since.

Lisa’s book, “Leading Beyond Excellence: Learn 7 Practical and Spiritual Steps to Spiral Yourself to the Top“, is a wonderful easy-to-read book packed full of wisdom about becoming a better leader. It focuses on helping leaders look within to become better leaders and human beings. Lisa states that, “Leading beyond excellence is the process of moving from fear-based self-denial to love-based self-appreciation.”

She uses a wonderful tool called the “Spiral of Influence” to describe the various levels that leaders find themselves. Those levels are survival, security, social, self-esteem, search, surrender, significance. She explains the characteristics that leaders possess at each of these levels and provides concrete actions and steps that can be taken to continue our movement up the spiral to become better leaders. Lisa has short 10 minute exercises throughout her book that ask the reader to reflect on insights to particular questions, what action steps we can take, and personal observations to identify areas we would like to improve. Lisa quotes Oprah Winfrey as saying ” As you become more clear about who you really are, you’ll be better able to decide what is best for you–the first time around.” I love this quote for Lisa is helping leaders everywhere in deciding what is best for them, the first time around.

I know you will appreciate applying Lisa’s wisdom and knowledge without any heavy lifting. Leading Beyond Excellence: Learn 7 Practical and Spiritual Steps to Spiral Yourself to the Top is a quick read and packed full of ideas and practical knowledge on personal and professional transformation and mastery. You can learn more about Dr. Lisa Williams and her workshops, books, CD’s by clicking here.

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