Podcast 241: Healing Through the Akashic Records with Linda Howe

Linda HoweI don’t know if I have been living in a cave but based on the number of interviews I have completed and the books on personal growth I have read and reviewed,  I bet the part about living in a cave is not true.

Well when it comes to knowing anything about the Akashic Records I was clueless until my interview with Linda Howe the Sounds True author of both books, and audio CD’s on the subject.  In my interview with Linda about her new release entitled ” Healing Through the Akashic Records” we explore the how to access these records through the “Pathway Prayer Process”.  Even though this was new ground for me Linda really articulated the benefits of accessing these records that we are born with very simple and understandable.

Imagine opening a book that told the story of you life–and suddenly your realized that the painful parts held the key to knowing  yourself as completely whole, well, and good.  That is the experience of opening up your personal akashic records.  It is like a window to your soul, it longings, desires and it is available at anytime.

You can ask questions and Linda provides a process in “Healing Through the Akashic Records” to follow , and answers will be reviled to you.  Linda’s students and clients have found accessing the records to be a transformative experience where an energetic archive of the soul and its journey.  Linda provide the listener with a four step process that will open up the records, so that you can access valuable information about your souls longings.

I hope that you enjoy my interview with a fascinating and very genuine healer who can guide you through the process of truly understanding your blueprint, and with free will having the opportunity to change your life for the better.  If you would like more information on Linda, her website can be accessed by clicking here.  She has video explaining the process as well as 10 things you should know about the akashic records.

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One comment on “Podcast 241: Healing Through the Akashic Records with Linda Howe

  1. This Akashic Record healing sounds interesting. It’s cool to think that it can help my understand my blueprint. It makes sense that I would have to look at my painful memories to know who I am.

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