Brent Marchant Brent Marchant is a lifelong movie lover and long time practitioner of conscious creation, (also known as the law of attraction), the self-empowering method of manifesting one’s own reality.   In his new book entitled, “Get the Picture“, Brent utilizes movies as his backdrop for helping the reader understand through concrete examples how one creates their own reality.

As Brent articulates in his book, ” conscious creation is a process of directing our thoughts and beliefs, in conjunction with the power of All That Is, to manifest what appears in our surrounding reality.”

Brent explains that we manifest into our lives either in a conscious or an unconscious way. In the unconscious way we create unwittingly, unaware that we’re even engaged in it, what beliefs are driving it, how those beliefs fuel the process, or what the outcomes might be.

When we are fully conscious there are two elements present, intuition and intellect that form the conscious creation process.  As the Brent explains these forces collaborate to fuel a manifestation technique known as “the magical approach”, a concept first described in a book bearing the same title by Jane Roberts.

Throughout “Get the Picture” Brent takes us on a journey to better understand the process of conscious creation through the examples of modern day film.  He uses five movies for each of the chapters to assist the reader in making the connection to the important points associated with conscious creation.  The Universal Spiritual Laws are depicted through the wonderful examples allowing the reader to see their own life in a new and exciting way, as they navigate the personalities and characters exemplified in the movies.

If you would like to learn more about Brent Merchant, his blogs, lectures and other publications please click here.

Enjoy this interesting and informative interview with an author that utilizes a very unique approach to help us better understand the process of conscious creation.

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