Podcast 12: The Platinum Rule with Dr. Tony Alessandra

Tony Alessandra

Tony Alessandra

If you want to learn how to better relate to your friends, neighbors and colleagues, then you have stumbled upon the right guy. For over 30 years, Dr. Tony Alessandra has been studying and applying the concepts of behavior styles in helping people learn how to better relate to one another. Tony believes in the Golden Rule, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you“, primarily as it relates to our values, ethics, honesty and common sense consideration of others.

Tony applies what he calls the Platinum Rule when is comes to one-on-one communication and dealing with people. That rule states, “Do unto others as they would have you do unto them.” He believes that if we can get on the same wave length with the other person and understand better where they are coming from that we can improve our ability to communicate and create rapport more effectively. We receive signals that tells us if the person is more open or guarded in their communications, and all we need to do is understand these signals to determine how to approach them so that our communication is more effective.

A considerable amount of Tony’s work has been studying the behavioral styles of “Director, Socializer, Relater, and Thinker”. Once you understand the characteristics of these styles, it becomes more apparent how to relate and interact with each style. I know you will find our dialogue about the behavioral styles to be quite informative and will provide you with new ways of understanding people not only by the content of their messages but also through the intent of their messaging.

Tony’s work and publications are extensive, if after listening to this podcast you wish to learn more about his assessment tools, books and DVD’s you can click here for a link to his site. I hope you enjoy Tony’s dynamic podcast and that you begin to understand more about the various behavior styles to improve your understanding of how to communicate more

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