Podcast 11: Customer Centric Selling with Michael Bosworth

Michael BosworthThere are many vocations and careers that people choose, but probably none is as heavily chosen as the field of sales. The ability of a good sales person to understand and listen intently to the needs of his or her clients seems to be a rarity at times. I know we have all encountered both good and bad sales people, but what makes a good sales person?

In this podcast I decided to explore what good sales people have to do to become great. You might be asking why would I make this a topic of a podcast on personal growth? Well, I know of no other profession where the people work harder on their own personal growth and mastery. So, I decided to elicit the thoughts and advice from a long time friend and expert in the field of sales and sales training, Michael Bosworth.

Michael Bosworth is the author of, “Customer Centric Selling” one of the best selling books on the field of sales. I thought that he would provide an interesting perspective about what one must do to become more focused on the needs of others. We discuss the behaviors required to become a master sales person. If you have ever encountered an egocentric sales person then you know how you don’t want to be treated. The questions you might ask yourself is what behaviors should one master to become a great sales person?

I hope you enjoy this refreshing interview about the world of sales and how great sales people think and act. If you would like more information just click on the Customer Centric Selling title above for a link to his book or click here for a link to Michael’s site.

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