Podcast 1018: All Across America with Marc Liotti

From one podcaster to another, joining me today is the host of All Across America, Marc Liotti.

Marc became an FCC licensed radio engineer at the age of 18 and has hosted shows on WHRW – Binghamton, New York; Subcity Radio – Glasgow, Scotland; and made guest appearances at clubs and radio stations such as WKCR – New York, New York.

Marc is a total adventurer. He has hiked all 2,190 miles of the Appalachian Trail and if he could literally go across the United States, he will definitely do it which is probably one of the inspirations of his podcast show. All Across America features different stories from different people. Anything under the sun that has human interest stories and American culture.

If you want to know more about Marc or want to listen to his episodes, you may click here to visit their website.

I hope you enjoy my engaging interview with Marc Liotti. Happy listening!


You may also refer to the transcripts below for the full transciption (not edited) of the interview.

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