If you will remember I did a series of podcasts  recently with author David Sibbet on Visual Leaders, Visual Teams and Visual Meetings.  This series of interviews lead me to find Mike Rohde the author of an amazing new book entitled “The Sketchnote Handbook-The Illustrated Guide to Visual Note Taking”  

Some of you just might be wondering what the heck is visual note taking.  It is a vey cool  mind connecting process that if learned and practiced allows you to substitute graphic images or doodles with words.  This mental connection allows you to remember more of the speech, class or wherever you might be taking notes.

Since my introduction to the process and reading Mikes book, I have been practicing and I really like the process.  The good thing about visual notes is that it does not matter if you are a visual, auditory, or kinesthetic learner you will have fun and will remember the experience associated with the event where you were applying the visual note taking.

In my interview with author Mike Rohde we discuss the various techniques, tools and the how to’s.  Mike is one of the early pioneers in this process and I know you will learn a lot from our interview and the links that I have provided below.

I hope you enjoy our interview together, and please click on the links below and watch the cool video of Mike showing you how to take visual notes.






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