Jim StovallI have never had the pleasure of meeting Jim Stovall, but all of my colleges that have had the opportunity to work with Jim state that he is one of the most positive guys that you will meet. Considering that Jim is blind, he is a successful speaker, author and is the co-founder of Narrative Television Network which makes movies and television for the over 13 million blind and visually impaired people. Needless to say Jim is a busy man, but never too busy to provide us with a great interview about his new book entitled, “Ultimate Productivity”.

In my interview with Jim what I learn is that there is a very simple formula to help one attain success. Jim explains the formula as motivation+communications+implementation=ultimate productivity=success. Jim explains that we can not be successful in just one area of our life. Success is like a three-legged stool. You have to be balanced in all area of your life to be successful. Even though success is a moving target, and an ongoing journey, Jim recommends strongly that you develop a personal mission statement. He emphasizes that the mission statement is like the guiding light when you embark upon your journey.

Jim states that productivity is a derivative of the word “produce” which means “to generate results”. It is one thing to produce results, but if they are not focused it is like  you are running on a treadmill, going faster and faster but with no direction. To really be productive, motivation and implementation are so important. Jim states that in all of the successful people that he has worked with they share a common characteristic, a unwavering and burning passion for their personal goals.

If you want to learn more about Jim’s powerful success formula, then I recommend that you listen to our podcast. Our dialogue will open your mind to the possible, and will transform how you think about, “Ultimate Productivity“.  I encourage my listeners to take the Ultimate Productivity Profile. You can complete this profile by clicking here, and typing in the access code: 586404.

If you would like to learn more about Jim’s books, workshops, lectures and services I recommend that you click here for more information on the Ultimate Productivity tools at his website.

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