Patricia RaskinIt was a pleasure interviewing Patricia for this podcast. She is probably best known for her weekly radio talk shows entitled, “Positive Living”, which can be heard on the Internet at, 630WPRO as well as Radio.

In my interview with Patricia, we talk about the obstacles and challenges she had to overcome as a pioneer and trailblazer in online and cable programming, and as a role model for women who seek to use their talents and spirit to help others fulfill their dreams. We also discuss the seven (7) principles for positive living from her book entitled, “Pathfinding: Seven Principles for Positive Living and Success, Your Dream and You”.

Patricia is a wealth of knowledge and information when it comes to personal growth and mastery. Her 25 plus years interviewing guest authors like; Jack Canfield, co-creator of “Chicken Soup for the Soul®” series, Gail Sheehy, award winning journalist and author of “Passages,” Dr. Mehmet Oz, now famous for his appearances on Oprah, Dr. Dean Ornish, Marci Shimoff, James Van Praagh and many, many more, have provided her with up front and personal connections with people who have spent their lives studying and applying the skills of personal mastery.

I know you will thoroughly enjoy my podcast with one of the pioneers in talk show radio, and the talented author of, “Pathfinding: Seven Principles for Positive Living and Success, Your Dream and You”.   I recommend that you tune into Patricia’s radio shows so that you can experience her very inspiring interviews with top authors in their fields.

If you want more information on Patricia and her radio shows, please click here. Enjoy this wonderful podcast with Patricia.

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