Stuart Goodship I first met Stuart Goodship during a three day workshop in Florida that Larry Wilson was hosting.   Stuart had come over from London England to attend the event for he had been trained by Larry Wilson to deliver his Great Game of Life training series.

I was immediately drawn to this gentleman because of his warmth, friendly smile and just an amazing outgoing personality.  That evening we broke bread together, and that was the start of a very long friendship.

Last summer I took a trip to Europe for a wedding for one of my oldest and dearest friends, and I decided to spend some quality time with Stuart in his hometown near London on my way to the wedding in Goteborg Sweden.

What I learned quickly was that Stuart has an amazing background in training, but that this was not his original vocation. He had started out as an engineer, then went on to work in IT sales. He then spent three years in the development of leaders and sales people with such companies as Advanced Training, Integrated Training and Career Track.

From these early experiences with traditional change techniques, Stuart had already realized that nearly all conventional training and personal development fails. This is because the root of all of our problems associated with lack of achievement and fulfillment is skillfully avoided, ignored or denied, which is the wrong functioning of thought.

Stuart spent years reading and studying the wonderful author David Bohm.  Some of Bohm’s works helped Stuart to formulate the principals he now teaches in “Discovering your Quintessential Self – Eradicating Your Thought Viruses.”

I had a wonderful time interviewing this thoroughly fascinating man and learning about the trappings of our personal thought viruses.  During this interview you will learn about the barriers that are preventing you from discovering your quintessential self as Stuart states.

If you want to achieve personal mastery and improve your performance please play close attention to what Stuart has to say, he has really done his research.

Thought Viruses are units of information (like computer viruses). The information they contain is destructive because we assume the thoughts represent accurately what’s going on in the outside world. They prevent you from engaging in thinking, causing you to act inappropriately.

I encourage you to download Stuart’s e-book from his website and learn more about discovering your quintessential self and eradicating thought viruses.

You can learn more about Stuart Goodship by clicking here, and if you are interested in purchasing his e-book just click here. I hope you enjoy this enriching and enlightening interview with Stuart.

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