Podcast 495: Masterpieces of the Earth with Richard Berger

This last summer I had the pleasure of being invited to visit an extraordinary collection of crystals, fossils, geodes and other amazing artifacts that Richard Berger has collected over his 40 plus years of being the curriorator of “the Masterpieces of the Earth” collections.

You must keep in mind as you visit his website at Masterpieces of the Earth and watch the video and view the gallery pictures that this is a private collection unlike anything that I have ever seen, and I would assume anyone listening to and viewing the photos has seen.

In my interview with Richard we discuss the special healing power of the crystals and the incredible energy that each of these artifacts emits to the viewer.  I know the effect that it had on me was a vibration that was peaceful, warm and very inviting.  It was almost as if the crystals and fossils were calling to me, and inviting me to harmonize with the inner vibration.

Richard’s mission is to turn the collection into a public museum so that all people can partake of the wonderful collection and get to experience these huge crystals and fossils that are were on the planet millions of years before the dinosaurs.   Just imagine having the opportunity to experience such an exhibit.

If you want to learn more about the exhibit, and helping Richard preserve it in its current state I recommend you reaching out to him via the website, or you can email him at richard@masterpiecesoftheearth.com.

I hope you enjoy this wonderful interview with a man who has the passion to preserve a wonderful piece of history.

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One comment on “Podcast 495: Masterpieces of the Earth with Richard Berger

  1. brad coonc Jul 26, 2015

    i am trying to find out how to contact Richard Berger. i have owned a 6000lb geode that was found here in the pnw.. i do believe we need to talk to eachother.. can anyone help with contacting him?

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