Podcast 482: All You Need Is Less with Madeleine Somerville

Are you looking for new ways to be more eco-friendly?  Would you like to be mindful about your consumption, and the effects that it is having on the planet?  Do you want to reduce your personal ecological footprint?

I recently had the opportunity of interviewing author Madeleine Somerville about her new book entitled “All You Need Is Less“.  This is a wonderful book loaded with ideas and tips to transform how you run your household.  Madeleine states you can realistically adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle without either losing your mind from the soul-destroying guilt of using a plastic bag because you forgot your reusable ones in the trunk of your car, or becoming a prachy know-it all whom everyone loathes from the tips of her/his organically-shampooed hair to the toes of her/his naturally-sourced recycled sandals.

We are all aware that our current population is over 7 billion and growing.  If we are all to create a sustainable and equitable lifestyle for all citizens worldwide we need to really consider our consumption habits.  Our ecology all starts with our “thoughts” about our wants.  Ask yourself do you really need that new car, television, cell phone.  Everytime we make a decision to purchase something we need to look at the product life-cycle.  How long will it last before it ends up in the recycle bin?

I hope you enjoy this interview with environmentalists Madeleine Somerville.  She really has some good tips for shifting our behaviors, and being more mindful of our consumption.  If you want to learn more about Madeleine and her book click here to be directed to her website.

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