I have known Becca Smith for many years now. My first introduction to her was through your journal company called Oberon Designs. I had purchased one of her beautifully crafted leather journals, and was so impressed with the quality that I contacted her just to acknowledge her for the wonderfully designed journals and also to purchase additional journals as gifts.

During our dialogue recently I found out that she is also an author of a book entitled The Art of Surrender, about her personal journey with breast cancer. Becca is also an artist and used art as an expressive outlet while she journeyed through her challenges with breast cancer. I love this quote from her book “As an artist I responded to my cancer diagnosis in the only way I knew how, to be as creative as my diminished energy would allow. As a daughter, sibling, friend and colleague, I did my best to relinquish the independence and self-absorption of my previous life and open as wide as possible to the help and love of others. My ultimate goal was not to be victimized. I did all I could to embrace, not the disease, but my life story that had suddenly, when I needed it most, taken a mythic twist. I welcomed a poetic and mystical quest fueled by the power of symbolism, metaphor and analogy. I wanted to embark on my own hero’s journey and make the most of what life might offer while it lasted.”

It does not really matter if you are a survivor of cancer, or have never been touched by the disease at all. Becca’s personal journey and the lessons learned about life in general are interesting. In my interview with her we explore the fears and blessings that having a potentially life threatening illness can impart upon one as they traverse the treacherous battle with the disease. What you will find is that surrender to the disease both through her art and emotiona is what helped heal Becca.

I encourage you to listen to this wonderfully revealing podcast, and if you would like to learn more about Becca’s book, visit her website by clicking here.

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