Alan BriskinI personally had the pleasure of meeting Alan Briskin at a “Thought Leaders Gathering” in San Fransisco. A good friend of mine Craig Neal, has been bringing together some of the great leaders to explore new innovative ways of designing organizations and assisting in organizational transformation. It was at the “Thought Leaders Gathering” that I was introduced to Alan, and was very impressed with is knowledge and personal spiritual quest.

Over the years Alan and I have stayed in touch, and I called him a few months back to see if he would like to do a podcast about his book entitled, “Bringing Your Soul to Work: An Everyday Practice.” He agreed and the attached podcast is an exploration into how amidst the frenetic pace and constant urgencies at work, one is often left feeling barren inside.

There is often the question of “how” that follows any call for a new vision, especially one that includes an orientation that joins the inner life of the individual with the outer need to be effective in the world. Along with co-author, Cheryl Peppers, Alan Briskin set out to provide provocative practices, useful questions, and strengthening exercises to those seeking answers to the “how” question. This book can be very useful to individuals looking to act on what matters and to become more mindful of constructive and destructive patterns — in ourselves as well as in groups and organizations.

I encourage you to relax and listen to in my estimation, one of the predominant thought leaders in the area of spirituality in the workplace. If you would like to know more about Alan and his workshops and books, please visit his web site by clicking here.

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