Lloyd SiedenI first met Lloyd Sieden at a meditation retreat on the Orcas Islands in Washington. We were both attending a retreat that I attend almost every year at Camp Indralaya run by the Joel and Michelle Levey. I was quite intrigued by Lloyd and his extremely calm demeanor.

We got to talking one day while we were out hiking in the beautiful woods of the Northwest, and I started asking him about his vocation and what really excited him in life. Our dialogue turned out to extend the whole duration of the hike. He proceeded to tell me about his time working with the famous Buckminster Fuller. He explained that did not get to spend lots of time with him prior to his passing, but enough time that he was so inspired by Bucky that he decided to do extensive research into his life and write a book about him.

In my interview with Lloyd, he takes us into the inside world of Buckminster Fuller. You will begin to realize more about the fascinating inventions and philosophies that kept “Bucky” vibrant, exciting and alive. If you are not aware of his many inventions, he is probably best know for his invention of the geodesic dome. Throughout this podcast you will learn more about Bucky, but most importantly you will really understand his great contributions to planet earth.

I highly recommend Lloyd’s book entitled, “Buckminster Fuller’s Universe: His Life and Work“. If after listening to this podcast you would like to learn more about Buckminster Fuller, please go to Lloyd’s site by clicking here.

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