August GoldIn this spiritual parable entitled ” The Prayer Chest” authors August Gold and Joel Fotinos tell the story of Joseph Hutchinson a man who know the reality of tragedy all to well. His life has been filled with misfortune and adversity.  A widowed father of two, living on a farm that is about to be taken from him, he embarks on a unexpected journey that will bring him face to face with the greatest fears, and ultimately with his greatest discovery…a mysterious wooden box hidden in his attic over one hundred years earlier.

This box, “The Prayer Chest, contains the Three Secrets that will change his life and the lives of everyone around him. What starts out as a journey to save his children and himself turnes into a quest where he–and every reader who has ever struggled–discovers the power to make every prayer come true.

In my interview in this podcast with August Gold, we throughly explore the topic of prayer and as she states “Prayer doesn’t come to you, it comes through you.”.  This particular fact is radically different than what many people believe about prayer.  Most people expect change to happen to other around them.  The prayer that the authors are writing about is about opening yourself to be changed in order to receive the answers to your prayer.

If you really listen to and take in what August is speaking about in our interview, you will understand that prayer is 90% listening.  As August states ” The moment we put our prayer “out” our work then is to welcome everything that Life brings us from that point forward, no matter whether is looks like the answer to our prayer or not. Welcoming everything means welcoming the “dark” as well as the “light”, oftentimes the dark experiences come to us because they are what stands in the way of receiving the answers to our prayers.


If you want to learn more about the power of prayer  I recommend that you read “The Prayer Chest“.

If you want more information about the authors click here to be directed to their website.  I hope you enjoy this interview with author August Gold.

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