Podcast 17: Insights into the Benefits of Yoga with Natalie Maisel

Natalie MaiselNo I am not getting weird on you writing about the benefits of yoga. It truly is a wonderful and amazingly beneficial practice both physically and mentally. I know of no other practice more powerful than that of meditation to assist you in your personal growth. I have been practicing yoga now for over 15 years on and off, and I truly wish I had developed my practice more fully, for I have seen the benefits that many of my friends have received as a result of a regular yoga practice.

I attend a gym in Vista, CA and I have a friend who teaches a spin class and also works at Cal-A-Vie, an incredible spa and resort in our city. She introduced me to Natalie and told me that she was one of the yoga instructors at this spa. What I found out is that this spa is not just any spa but that many of the “who’s who” come to this private resort to relax and reinvigorate themselves. Natalie is not only the yoga instructor at Cal-A-Vie, she is one of the best in yoga instructors nationwide. When I first met Natalie, I was struck by her abounding energy and exuberance for life. She is an amazing soul helping people get focused on improving their health.

In this podcast with Natalie, we discuss the various forms of yoga, breathing exercises and the benefits that yoga can have on your health. Natalie owns “Magic Moon Yoga” in Carlsbad, CA and has been interviewed for several magazines including, Luxury Spa Finder. The editor of Luxury Spa Finder stated that Natalie was one of the best yoga instructors she has ever encountered at a spa. Natalie is the creator of two wonderful CD’s, one entitled “A Meditative Journey” and the other a “Guided Rituals for Samhain and Yule” both available at her web site by clicking here.
I welcome you to set back, breathe deeply and enjoy this inspiring interview with Natalie Maisel and our dialogue about the benefits of yoga.

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