This is my second interview with co-author Ron McMillan.  The first book I interviewed him about was entitled ” Change Anything-The New Science of Personal Success”.  I found this book to really be life changing, the concepts and ideas that his organization researched on personal success are important for all individuals interested in mastery to read and practice. 

In this interview with Ron I speak with him about another book he and his colleagues co-authored  entitled “Crucial Conversations.”  This book is a must read for anyone wanting to learn how to improve their level and depth of communications.  It does not matter if your crucial conversation is with a spouse or a co-worker the principles taught in “Crucial Conversations” apply anywhere.  

Ron points out that “Crucial Conversations” are defined by three important factors 1) are individuals strong emotions involved 2) where their opposing opinions and views 3) are the stakes high.  We have all be involved in these types of conversations; the question we need to ask ourselves should be how did we emerge from these conversation? Were we looking to win, were or ego attached to the outcome? If so then you would probably benefit from reading Crucial Conversations. 

Ron also points out that in organizations where the employees are skilled at crucial conversations: 1) the employees respond five (5) times faster to financial turndowns in the organization 2) employees are two-thirds more likely to avoid injury or death due to unsafe conditions 3) and when a crucial conversation occurs the savings is over $1,500 and an eight-hour work day—amazing results, every employee should know how to handle themselves during a crucial conversation.  

I think that with results like these understanding how to manage crucial conversations would be worth reading about and understanding the techniques and principals.  

If you would like to learn more about the book and the courses that Vital Smarts teaches, just watch the short video below or click on the link above to be directed to the Vital Smarts website.

 I hope you enjoy this wonderful interview with author Ron McMillan co-author of Crucial Conversations.  

I recently had a wonderful interview with an amazing man and steward of our planet, John Ehrenfeld.  

In John’s new book entitled ” Flourishing-A Frank Conversation About Sustainability”.  John engages in a Q&A with Andrew Hoffman a previous student of John’s where the met while Andrew was a doctoral student at MIT and  John was running the MIT Program on Technology, Business and the Environment. 

In my interview with John you will quickly realize that he has many concerns about our environment and sustainability.  As John states “While sustainability has gone “mainstream” he does not believe so and is very concerned about what he see.  He admits that many good things have come out of our society’s pursuit of environmental protection, but he sees our efforts as merely a Ban-Aid that masks deeper, cultural roots of our sustainability challenges.  

One of those  issues is our insatiable appetite as a culture for more which utilized our natural resources at an alarming rate, and makes the US the largest consumer of overall resources worldwide.  

“Sustainability still has not entered our consciousness in spire of the torrent of its use and that of its distant cousin, green. The world of business and government moves merrily along selling its meager efforts as sustainability, avoiding any meaningful appreciation of the fundamental problem or any actions that would make a difference.”  

In my interview with John we cover many pressing topics, I encourage you to listen to and read John’s new book it will open up your eyes to what “really” need to change to create a world that “flourishes” for everyone.

You can learn more about John Ehrenfeld by visiting his Facebook page by clicking here.  

Or watch a brief interview by clicking on the video below.  

I know that many of you have seen the movie “The Matrix”, it is one of those movies that alters your sense of reality.  

In my interview with Kevan Hall about his new book entitled ” Making the Matrix Work” Kevan alters the readers sense of reality about the complex structure of business today.  

In large companies today we are faced with multiple bosses, competing goals, influence without authority and accountability without control of the norm.  In Kevan’s new book he endeavors to show how the matrix can help employees and management increase the individual flexibility and responsiveness without confusing the goals or roles of the teams and employees. 

 Kevan states that the matrix is a deliberate choice to sacrifice some clarity for increased flexibility.  He introduces tools and ideas to help individuals manage successively higher levels of ambiguity—from things that can be made clear to managing dilemmas and conflict.  

If you are in the management of a larger organization then I highly recommend reading “Making the Matrix Work.”.  This book will assist you in better understanding the overall personal and organizational dilemmas that pervade in big business today. 

If you would like more information about Kevan Hall you can visit his website by clicking here.  

You can also watch a book trailer by clicking on the video below. 


I recently attended a meeting of the “Disruptive Thinkers’ in San Diego.  The speaker at the regular Monday evening event was an author by the name of Neil Senturia.  I really did not know what to think, but I was in for a pleasant surprise.  Not only was Neil entertaining, funny and witty but his message was meaningful and dead on the money!.  

If you are an entrepreneur or social entrepreneur then you are going to want to listen to my interview with Neil Senturia about his book entitled ” I’m There For You, Baby-The Entrepreneur’s Guide to the Galaxy”.  This book is comprised of a series of rules that Neil has developed over the years, as a result of being an amazingly successful entrepreneur himself.  

Let me share a couple of the rules with you to see if you agree:

Rule #1: Return every email and every phone call.”

Rule #2: Networking is a profession. Become professional at it.”

Rule #3: You must go to every meeting and every event; in particular, the ones you know for sure will be a total waste of time.”  

It really doen’t matter if you agree or disagree with Neil’s rules or not, the book is a must read for anyone who runs their own business or is about to venture out into any entrepreneur activity.  Please take a few minutes and listen to our interview I think you will find our dialogue inspiring and the content very useful.  

To learn more about Neil Senturia and ” I’m There For You, Baby”, click here to be directed to his website.  

You can also watch a few very funny and informative book trailer just click below. 

Almost everyone knows the book by Napoleon Hill—”Think and Grow Rich

In my recent interview with Don Green the executive director of “the Napoleon Hill Foundation” we discuss his new book entitled ” Everything I Know About Success I Learned From Napoleon Hill.”  

Author Don Green is a humble man, but an amazing powerhouse of wisdom and knowledge about the teachings of Napoleon Hill.  In my interview with Don we discuss not only the his strong work ethic but how his love of books on success influenced his career path.  As Don states      ” In a few minutes, I can show you how to become a millionaire without winning the lottery.  But the problem is that about 98 out of 100 lack discipline.    

If you want to learn what it takes to become successful—not just monetarily then I would highly recommend that you read “Everything I Know About Success I Learned From Napoleon Hill.”  

You can also watch a great introduction to the book below or link to the Napoleon Hill Foundation website by clicking this link