I recently had the good fortune to interview Jody Thompson the co-author of a new book entitled “Why Managing Stuck, and How to Fix It”.  She and her partner Cali Ressler are also the authors of “Why Works Sucks, and How to Fix It.”  They are the co-creators of the “ROWE”( Results Only Work Environment) Revolution which started when both of them were human resource directors at Best Buy one of the largest electronic retailers in the US.

In my interview with Jody we speak about the challenges that companies are faced with today with relation to how business are managed.  We also explore some of the very creative and innovative ways the ROWE methodology is helping to fix some of these problems.  Each chapter of “Why Managing Sucks” has great ideas to try, and things to avoid if you are a manager.   You should also join the ROWE community by clicking here to be directed to the online community support page.

I hope you enjoy my interview with author Jody Thompson, the ROWE method of working is revolutionizing our work as we know it.


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