Guy KawasakiI recently interviewed Guy Kawasaki about his new book entitled ” Enchantment-The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds, and Actions“.  I thoroughly enjoyed my interview with Guy, and I think you will enjoy listening to this interview as well.

Enchantment as Guy states is ” not about manipulating people.  It is about transforming situations and relationships into experiences where people want to come back again and again, while telling others about the amazing experience.  Guy argues that in business and personal interactions, your goal is not merely to get what you want but to bring about a voluntary, enduring and delightful change in other people.  By enlisting the own goals and desires, by being likable and trustworthy, and by framing a cause that other can embrace, you can change hearts, minds, and actions.

In the book all of the tactics you need to prepare and launch an enchantment campaign are available; to get the most from both push and pull technologies; and to enchant your customers, your employees and even your boss. It shows how enchantment can turn difficult decisions your way, at times when intangibles mean more than hard facts.  It will help you overcome other people’s entrenchment habits and defy the not-always-wise “wisdom of the crowd.”

There are two key elements to becoming enchanting, likability and trustworthiness.  Guy states that step one is achieving likability, because jerks seldom enchant people.  In the book several aspects to likability are covered, from smile to handshake to using the right words.  It is important to understand these elements for they are paramount to creating a personality that is likable.

Secondly, it trustworthiness.  People who don’t trust others have often had bad experiences that cause them to embrace a distrusting, kill-or-be-killed philosophy.   The first step is to trust others.  In the book Guy speaks about “Mensch” it is a German word for “human being”, but its Yiddish connotation far exceeds this definition.  If you are a mensch, you are honest, fair, kind, and transparent, no matter whom you’re dealing with and who will ever know what you did.

This book is for people who see life for what it can be rather than what it can’t.  They are bringing to market a cause–that is a product, service, organization, or idea–that can make the world a better place.  If you want to become “enchanting” and change the hearts, minds and actions of the people you interact with or who are your customers then I highly recommend that you read “Enchantment: The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds, and Actions“.  If you would like to learn more about Guy Kawasaki you can click here to be taking to his website.  There are great references and videos as well at the website for your viewing.
Enjoy this wonderful interview with a very “enchanting man” Guy Kawasaki.

Ed-McShaneWe all need an uplift from time to time, and author Ed McShane in his book “Notes For The Heart” certainly provides that positive vibe.  In his book which is a series of true stories and short essays, Ed conveys the message of hope, love and encouragement.  In these challenging times a book like Ed’s is a great resource and inspiration.  Ed confided in me that as a professional therapists his vocation is challenging, and that writing “Notes For The Heart” allowed him to tell uplifting and inspiring stories to heal the heart and soul.

In my interview with Ed we speak about many true stories taken from his life.  One story that touched my heart was about an elderly gentleman that as Ed explains was in his mid to late 80’s.  Ed would drive to work and everyday he would see this man on the street corner in his white shirt waving to the passing traffic.  Ed was amazed that not only did he attract the attention of the passersby but almost everyone would wave back including Ed.

The elderly gentleman was on the corner for a length period of time, and always brought a smile to faces of the people who he waved to.  Then one day this elderly gentleman was not present  as he usually was waving to the passerby’s.   Ed wondered what has happened.  Had he fallen ill, or had he died.  This went on for sometime, but Ed never did find what had happened to the elderly gentleman.  He to this day regrets that he did not take the time to check on him.

Knowing that the passerby’s on this corner were use to the elderly greeter, Ed being courageous and having lots of moxie Ed decided to dress up in a white shirt and play the greeter role of the elderly gentleman.  He admitted  it was scary and uncomfortable for him standing on the corner in his white shirt waving, but the response to his waving was responded to just as if the elderly gentleman had never left, he received smiles and encouraging waves back.

I don’t know about you, but I have experienced many times when a person has waved to me from the side of the street.  Most of the time I think they are crazy and should be institutionalized or need help.  If I were to shift my perspective and not judge, just maybe I could experience the moment for really what it is–a beautiful soul attempting to bring a moment of happiness into my life.
Ed’s book “Notes For The Heart” is filed with great inspiring stories just like this.  If you are down, and need to lift yourself back up–then pick up Ed’s book and read some of the inspiring stories.  For more information about Ed McShane please click here to be directed to his Facebook page.  Enjoy this great interview with author Ed McShane.

Ben NewmanIf you have a sympathetic bone in your body, then you will appreciate my interview with author Ben Newman about his new book entitled “Fight The Good Fight-A Mothers Legacy Lives On“.  His book is a tribute to his mother who died eleven days prior to Ben’s eighth birthday.   It is also about the lessons and wisdom that a mother imparts upon her sons during some very challenging years that lead up to her death as she fought a rare disease called primary amyloidosis.

Ben’s mother Janet Fisher Newman kept a journal of her personal journey  and suffering knowing she only had a short time left with her sons.  Though the journal was a personal record kept during his mother’s medical ordeal and not a memoir written to be read by Ben or his brother, it was surprisingly full of wisdom . In my interview with Ben we discuss his mothers journal and the passages that had such a significant impact on his life, and now on the lives of so many who have read “Fight the Good Fight“.

Ben starts each chapter of “Fight the Good Fight” with a paragraph out of his mothers journal then proceeds to discuss his personal life journey, insights and wisdom learned from this experience.  As Ben states ” I believe that everything we take on in life, both personally and professionally, is influenced by an unconscious internal timing.  Though we many not be aware of doing so, we instinctively scan issues that come into our realm according to our readiness to take them on. We unconsciously sense whether we have the discipline to deal with a proposed challenge, or the emotional depth to face the intense feelings it may arouse.  We might intuitively know there is a huge opportunity before us, but we may not yet have the wisdom to understand it and take it on. ”

Fight the Good Fight is a book that will not only take you on a journey, but it will encourage you to observe what  personally needs more in-depth consideration, contemplation and potentially change for the better.  Ben has very thought provoking questions at the end of each chapter designed to garner the attention of the reader.  If one would take the time to review, ponder and answer these questions I believe their life would be altered positively.
If you would like to learn more about “The Ben Newman Companies” and the workshops and seminars that Ben facilitates around the country please visit Ben’s website by clicking here.  I hope you enjoy my interview with author Ben Newman.

Terrence WhiteI first meet Terrence White while he was working in a branch of the Chase Bank in Vista, CA where I do my business banking.  What I found exceptional about Terrence was his obvious outgoing and helpful attitude.  He sincerely wanted to help the customers solve their problems, and for many of us we know how hard it is to find this kind of service today.

Once I started speaking with Terrence I found out that he had a passion to helping people at a level of spiritual counseling and he was in the middle of writing his first book.  He asked me if I would interview him  which lead to this podcast  many months later for he had not completed “My Joy In the Morning: Rising From the Ashes“.

You will certainly experience the passion that Terrence experienced for helping people spiritually when you listen to our podcast together.  Terrence states ” Life presents the greatest benefits as a result of our struggles, pain, tears and fears.  That’s what it is all about.  In his book “My Joy In the Morning: Rising From the Ashes“Terrence quotes verses from the Bible then tells true stories that are compelling and  provide the reader with incredible insight and wisdom about how they can transmute their fears, worries, doubts and concerns.

My Joy In the Morning  started as a result of the daily messages that Terrence was sending to his students via email and text to inspire and get them thinking about and being grateful for all the good in their lives. He compiled the daily messages and story he accumulate  into this book for everyone to experience and learn from.

Terrence has thousands of faithful supporters across the country that receive his morning messages.  If you have interest in receiving his daily morning messages please click here and sign up for his emails.  Our you can learn more about Terrence by clicking here to be directed to his Facebook Page.
I hope you enjoy this podcast with a wonderful young man.

John Di BattistaI had the pleasure of meeting John DiBattista at a weekend retreat that my good friend Larry Wilson was conducting.  I immediately was taken by John’s presence and his wonderful demeanor and gravitated toward wanting to get to know him better.   I received a call from him some months later as a result of our mutual friend recommending that John be interviewed for Inside Personal Growth.

John’s new book entitled ” Tell Them That I Love Them” is truly about an amazing personal spiritual experience that changed his life forever.  John believes that each of us has come into this world with a purpose, and that we were given the tools to fulfill that purpose.  We are created in God’s image as John states and gifted by our creator to represent him in some manner, small or great.

While on our life’s journey our true life’s purpose unfolds–the rebirthing process allows us to rediscover our individual purpose.  Our lives gets reoriented through the process of belief, faith, repentance, baptism and the receipt of the Holy Spirit as John states in his statement of philosophy in the book.

If you are interested in learning how the personal experience of John giving his life to Christ absolutely changed him forever,  and the message that Jesus told him to share with the world then I recommend that you listen to this amazing interview with author John DiBattista.  His encounter and epiphany as a result of an encounter with Jesus during an out of body experience is quite compelling and very heartfelt.  It does not matter what religion you embrace or how spiritual you are t
his story is for anyone who has a belief in a higher power.

Enjoy this wonderful interview with an inspiring and God centered author, who truly just wants to share a wonderful message “Tell Them That I Love Them”.


Craig NealI have known Craig Neal for a number of years, as a matter of fact I attended one of his “The Art of Convening” meetings at the Gap in Northern California several years ago.   I recently reconnected with Craig and had the opportunity to discuss his newly released book entitled “The Art Of Convening-Authentic Engagement in Meetings, Gatherings, and Conversations“.

If you are like me, you have attended lots of meetings during your career and frequently walk away wondering “why” did I attend?  If you have ever asked this questions, then Craig’s new book “The Art of Convening” is a must read.

In my interview with Craig we discuss what he refers to as “authentic engagement”.  Authentic engagement is , simply, a genuine expression of what is true for us, and an attentive listening to what is true for another, or others.  Why this simple human interaction often eludes us can be a matter of habit, distrust, faulty modeling, lack of attention, or fear.

Craig has created a wonderful model in the book that assists “the convener” in understanding the art associated with creating a gathering.  The model is referred to as the “convening wheel” and at the center is “The Heart of the Matter” with eight adjacent spokes:  Clarifying Intent , The Invitation, Setting Context, Creating the Container, Hearing all the Voices, Essential Conversations, Creation, Commitment to Action.   Craig states that there is a lot of pressure in our lives to go, go, go all the time–to drive to results and spring into action, often before the actions’s optimal time has come.  It’s counterintuitive to take the time to reflect on how we ill be in relationship with others. In a way, we have to slow down and do the internal due diligence to know what results we really want to drive and when it is time to take the action.
If you are at all interested in better understanding how to hold meeting with meaning, purpose and aligned outcomes then I highly recommend that you obtain a copy of “The Art Of Convening“.  This book will instruct you with essential questions to better understand your purpose, your meetings purpose and the associated actions you really would like to achieve from meetings, gatherings and most importantly conversations.  I hope you enjoy this interview with one of the masters in the business of “authentic engagement”.

You can learn more about Craig and Patricia Neal the authors by clicking here to be directed to their website.

Ron and Mary HulnickI had the distinct honor to interview two spiritual teachers of mine  who have had a significant impact on transforming my life for the positive, and countless thousands of other University of Santa Monica graduate students in the study of Spiritual Psychology.

In my interview with authors Ron and Mary Hulnick we get the opportunity to discuss their new Hay House book entitled ” Loyalty To Your Soul-The Heart of Spiritual Psychology“.   This book at it’s essence distills the teachings of the Spiritual Psychology, a two year graduate course and it does an amazing job of covering so many of the valuable lessons of the course.

There are 22 Principals of Spiritual Psychology covered in the book, and while Ron, Mary and I only have time to cover a few you will certainly want to purchase a copy of the book so that you can learn more, believe me it is well worth you investment of money and time.

A key point of the Spiritual Psychology course is something that Ron and Mary call your “Learning Orientation to Life“.   Most people in life are on the “goal line” of life.  Acquiring more things in the physical world reality, home, cars, more money etc.  While this is part of our physical world reality, it is not the most important.  We will soon get tired of just seeking the next new thing in life, and ultimately it will not fulfill our soul.  On the other hand if our orientation to life is on the learning line, we are focused on our spiritual evolution.

Ron and Mary state in Principle #5 ” Physical-world reality exists for the purpose of spiritual evolution.  If you understand this point, it changes your life perspective and will have major positive implications for your lifetime. Wins on the Goal Line stay here, while wins on the Learning Line go with you.  It’s the Learning Line that leads Home to God where progress is spiritual evolution is made.

Mary and I discuss that consciousness functions on three levels, physical, mental and emotional.  On each of these levels we have either positive or negative experiences.  As we grow in our consciousness evolution we seek to ascend to what is referred to as our Authentic Self Level.   At this level of understanding and peace is where we know Unconditional Love.

Your Authentic Self knows the curriculum you have come here to learn. It knows what ego work you’re here to complete.  It also knows that until your ego work is done, your spiritual agenda in the physical world will serve you by continually providing experiences that will tend to trigger your unresolved issues.  These experiences are actually spiritual opportunities to learn, grow and complete what must be done.  The Authentic Self cooperates with this structure, for it knows what it’s here to do and how this physical form supports it spiritual progression.
If you are at all interested in exploring your personal spiritual growth, and want a book that will provide you with so many of the answers you have probably been seeking then I highly recommend Ron and Mary’s Hulnick’s new book ” Loyalty To Your Soul”.  You can also visit the books website by clicking here, or you can learn more about the Spiritual Psychology Master’s program by clicking here to be directed to the USM website.

Please enjoy this wonderful interview with two of the most amazing spiritual teacher I have ever encountered.

Dr. Craig MartinI had a lot of fun interviewing Dr. Craig Martin the author of “Elemental Love Styles“.  In his book people find and understand the deeper needs through the four natural elements which represent the human personality types: Fire (creative and enthusiastic) Air, (communicative and social), Water (emotional and intuitive) and Earth (practical and grounded).

Dr. Craig  guides the reader through an understanding of the elements, and how this effect your relationships.  He states that each person is a reflection of the elements found in nature.  Because the elements exist inside us as well as outside us, we don’t just go out in the elements; we live in them.  They are part of us.

Dr. Craig has a very simple 44 question questionnaire which assist the reader in determining their personal elemental style. Once you have determined your style the book does a great job of providing stories and examples of how your particular elemental style relates to the other elemental styles.  With this information you are ready to better understand, communicate and find a type that is better suited toward your personality type.

In our interview together Dr. Craig and I discuss what he refers to as “true intimacy”.  All relationships need intimacy, but what is true intimacy.  True intimacy is getting to know someone and having that person get to know you–and I mean more that knowing your name and what you do for a living. Getting to know each other means finding out how you affect each other. Intimacy is about openness with truth.   Dr Craig explains when we have this kind of intimacy, we have the likelihood of have a much deeper, loving and compassionate relationship which will last.
Dr. Craig also states that one of intimacy’s major components is dynamic inner growth or DIG.  DIG is about making better choices.  It enables your relationship to work out better.  A lasting relationship is one where you are going to have to work it out.  You can’t run, blame, or become immobilized by fear.

So if you are interested in learning more about the “Elemental Love Styles” so that you can better understand your partner, then I highly recommend reading Dr. Craig’s book.  It is one of those books where you have an aha not only about yourself, but about the people you love.  If you would like more information please visit Dr. Craig’s website by clicking here.