I recently had the privilege of interviewing Sallie Felton, who is not only an author but a life coach, Sallie Feltonhypnotherapist and inspirational speaker.  Sallie has a new book coming out entitled “GPS for Success” and this book features Stephen Covey, Dr. John Grey, Les Brown and other leading experts in the personal growth industry.

In my interview with Sallie we discuss the issues associated with leading and living a balanced life.   I love Sallie’s metaphor about a tree,”If you were to think of a tree it’s being nourished, it’s always growing, it’s always blossoming, and it’s being pruned by nature.  If on one side of that tree, it becomes too laden with branches, what happens? It loses it balance and it leans to one side or another.  Just as in life, if we become too overworked we become laden with stress, so we become out of balance.”

If you look at your life like the branches on the tree, each one of those branches is an aspect of your life.  Sallie and I discuss the 12 categories of : Profession/Job, Physical, Spiritual, Intimacy, Office, Learning, Play, Finance, Health, Social, Family, Home/Environment and Fun.  All of these are important and what Sallie recommends is that we rank our level of satisfaction in each of these areas of our life from 1-10, with 10 being the most pleasurable.  If after ranking your life wheel, of which it is often referred too, and you find yourself out of balance then take small tiny steps to identify what you can do to improve that area of your life.


What I like about Sallie’s approach to finding balance is that it is simple, practical, and doable.  In her new book “GPS for Success” you are going to be able to read stories and lessons from the masters in the field of personal growth and mastery.

If you would like more information about the book or Sallie and her radio show entitled “A Fresh Start with Sallie Felton, then just click here to be directed to her website.  I hope you enjoy this interview with a wonderful lady with lots of practical and wise advice.

Steven SchusslerAuthor Steven Schussler is an amazing man.  He is an entrepreneur who has had tremendous success in the development of his Rainforest Cafe’s and other theme based restaurants.  His new book entitled ” It’s a Jungle in There-Inspiring Lessons, and Hard-Won Insights and Other Acts of Entrepreneurial Daring” is a great book for anyone who wants to learn lessons on personal mastery.

During our interview together we discuss what Steven refers to as the five (5) P’s of successful entrepreneurship.  Those P’s are: Personality, Product, Persistence, People and Philanthropy.   Steven emphasizes that if you are going to be an entrepreneur then you have to be willing to take risk, that is just part of being in business for yourself.  He has a wonderful formula, that in his estimation is an important element, it is PASSION + AMBITION=YIELDS SUCCESS.  Steven says that without passion for your product or service you are going to be hard pressed to become successful.  Your belief in what you are doing, and your passion are going to be the elements that assist in your personal success.

Steven is someone who listens to his inner voice or intuition.  He admits that all good entrepreneurs have the ability to listen and act on their intuition.  Many of his good decisions came from listening, then having the faith to act on his intuition.  I know that many of us hear the voice within, but do we act or are we afraid?  As Steven says you can’t be afraid, you have to go for it!

Steven also emphasizes that you need to dream big to become successful.  He mentions that when you do dream big and if you are passionate about what you are doing the outcomes are much more rewarding and fulfilling.  He quotes Norman Vincent Peal “Believe It and You Can Succeed”.  That is so true, if you believe in what you are creating and in yourself you can do almost anything.

If you want to learn from a man who not only believes in his projects, and himself then  you need to listen to this podcast with author Steven Schussler the author of “It’s A Jungle In There“.  For more information about Steven Schussler and his new book please click here to be directed to his website.

Ned KraftI recently interviewed Ned Kraft, coach, author, musician and all around renaissance man.  His material has such simplicity, but profound wisdom.

In my interview with Ned about his new CD entitled, ” You’re Missing Out…and It’s OK“, we discuss the benefits of missing out, such as less clutter and simplicity.  Getting rid of the regret and resentments and learning how to enjoy the beauty of the moment.  So many of us are spending so much of our time thinking about what might happen in the future or living in the past wishing we would have made a different decision.  As Ned says, our decisions do shape our lives, but we should not lament over our decisions after we make them.  They are over and done with, and there is nothing we can do about it.

Ned reminds us during his instructional CD that “You’re Missing Out…and It’s OK“.  As a matter of fact we are missing out on just about everything in life.  There is no way we are going to experience the events of the world.  Everyday events are happening all around us that we have no control over.   Ned refers to this syndrome as, “our battle with what is”.  I have often heard that we are “spiritual beings” having a “human experience”.  That might be true, but I know for many of us we feel like we are “human beings” having a “spiritual experience”.  Either way if you listen to Ned’s wisdom and advice about our battle with what is, it is wonderful advice.

Don’t sweat over the small stuff, it is all small stuff.  Try to stay in the moment, stay out of judgment of yourself and others, and enjoy the journey.  Ned mentions that we are all receiving clues in the moment, and we need to be aware of the clues.  Just listen and observe and you will notice the thousands of clues that are available to you daily.

We have an opportunity in this interview to explore our states of victim hood.  Let’s face it, during the course of our life we have all been victims.  It is not the fact that we have been victims, it is what we have learned from our transgressions that will help us to over come these states of victim hood.  If we can elevate our awareness of how and why we are reacting to these situations we can become masters of our emotions.

If you would like to learn more about Ned Kraft and his wonderful CDs, please click here to be directed to his website. Ned Kraft is refreshing and has a new perspective on personal mastery.

Robert Levine Ph.D.

It is always a pleasure interviewing Dr. Robert Levine.  I did an interview with him on his book, “The Geography of Time“, a few months ago and invited him back to discuss his book, “The Power of Persuasion“.

All of us have been persuaded at one point or another in our lives, and often without our knowing.  Let’s face it we are being bombarded daily with messaging from Madison Ave to buy this or do that, and this does not even include the massive amount of messaging we receive from the Internet through Google or Facebook ads.  Ah, so subtle… but so powerful!

Robert found three conclusions from his research.  1) That we are all more susceptible than we think. 2) The most effective persuaders are the least obvious. 3) The rules are not that much different no matter who is the source or what the product.   Robert states, “If there’s one common denominator to the most effective salespeople I’ve encountered it is that they almost never look like “real” salespeople.  The ones to watch out for hold the uncanny ability to first set you at ease about their motives. Then they sell.

So what are the three characteristics related to persuasiveness?  1) That the person has perceived authority 2) They are honest and trustworthy–(a good example would be politicians who are always selling us something) 3) They are likable.– (Likability drives persuasion from many directions).

Robert points out the fact that persuasion and psychology are essential human activities.  They define our social being never more so today than ever in history.  As our singular and collective attention become increasingly prone to the beck and call of the mass media, sophisticated marketing research, and advanced technology…… the art of persuasion is in its boom years.  It’s up to each of us to use the psychology wisely and ethically, to see that it illuminates rather than electrocutes.

If you are interested in exploring of how “The Power of Persuasion” is affecting you and your decisions, then I recommend that you read Robert’s book.  This book will provide you with valuable insight into how persuasion truly does effect your decisions.  The wonderful aspect about persuasion is that if you are aware that you are being persuaded, you have options.  You and you alone are the only one responsible for your decisions so please make them carefully.

If you would like to learn more about Dr. Robert Levine and his many books please click here to be directed to his website.  Enjoy our wonderful interview together.

Jeanne Meister I had the wonderful pleasure of interviewing Jeanne Meister the co-author of a new book entitled, “The 2020 Workplace“.  The purpose for me reaching out to Jeanne and conducting this interview is that Jeanne and her colleagues spent an extensive amount of time researched  the workplace of the future and their findings are quite revealing for both the employee and the employer.

If you are anything like me, you are probably wondering how our workplace is going to change and what are the predictions for the future.   The First major change is that you will be hired and promoted based upon your reputation capital.  As a matter of fact, reputation capital is going to be the top currency in the 2020 workplace.  Reputation capital is the sum total of your personal brand, your expertise and the breadth, depth and quality of your social network.

The Second prediction is that your mobile device will become your office, your classroom and your concierge.  Mobile phones and tablets will be the primary connections tool to the Internet for most people in the world in 2020.

Third, the global talent shortage will be acute.  The global competition for highly qualified workers will take shape int 2020.  Beside there being five generations in the workplace, there will be a shortage of certain skills, not just workers. Fourth, recruiting will start on social networking sites. Recruiting for the vast majority of professionals jobs will start in one of the highly trafficked social networking sites, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter and Second Life. Fifth, Web commuters will force corporate offices to reinvent themselves.  Knowledge workers are increasingly choosing to work at “third places” which means informal public places such as cafes, coffee shops, hotels, book stores, etc.

There are 20 predictions that Jeanne and her colleges have developed as a result of their research, and believe me “The 2020 Workplace-How Innovative Companies, Attract, Develop, Develop and Keep Tomorrow’s Employees Today” is a must read for anyone wanting to learn more about how our workplaces are going to evolve.

This book is also recommended reading for upper management of organizations wanting to compete with the global workforce.  One thing for certain, we are going to see lots of changes, and your ability to embrace the changes will determine both your personal and organizational success.

If you would like more information please visit “The 2020 Workplace” website by clicking here.  Enjoy this very engaging interview with Jeanne Meister a true thought leader and futurist in the field of trends in the workplace.

Lance Secretan It was my distinct honor to do this podcast with Lance Secretan.  This is my second interview with Lance since we first met over six years ago at a Spirit in Business conference in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  I have always admired Lance’s style and inspiring presentations.  If you want to be inspired then I encourage you to read his new book entitled, “The Spark the Flame and the Torch-Inspire Self, Inspire Others, Inspire the World.

Lance is certainly a man on a mission, and his new book will ignite the Spark within you.  The premise of this book is that all inspired and inspiring people-including leaders–have deep inner clarity about three of life’s great questions:

1) What is the purpose of my life?

2) How will I inspire and lead?

3) How will create and share my wisdom and create a legacy?

Believe me if every soul on this planet could wrap their minds and hearts around these three questions our collective world would be a better place.

The Spark, the Flame and the Torch is a manual for life and work–and a guide to transforming every aspect of our personal and organizational lives into inspiring experiences. As we discuss in our interview together, we are emerging from the dark era of leadership.  Between 1987 and 2009 the level of job satisfaction plummeted from a satisfaction level of 61% to 45%, and the numbers of people who found their work interesting dropped from 70% to 51%.  In my interview with Lance he provides insight into why this is happening, and articulates steps we can take personally as well as leaders to improve these statistics.

There is no denying that as I write this blog entry we are in the middle of a recession, and a relatively protracted one at that.  People are hurting financially, spiritually and emotionally.  As reported by Time Magazine we are emerging from the “Decade From Hell”.  No doubt we are yearning for a brighter future with more meaning and fulfillment.   If you are ready to embark on this personal transformation to a better life, then you will want to read Lance’s new book ” The Spark, the Flame and the Torch“.

I encourage you to visit Lance’s website and take his PLEDGE to become an inspiring person.  His website is loaded with references, sample chapters and discussion groups.

Please click here to be directed to his website.  Enjoy this wonderful interview with a very wise man.

Robert Levine Ph.D.It was a kick interviewing Robert Levine.  He really has a grasp on how cultures around the world keep time differently.

In his book entitled, “A Geography of Time“, Robert Levine articulates the differences between clock time, nature time and event time.  Nature time is the time used by all forms of life and is determined by the sun and seasons. Event time is basically the time needed to perform the tasks of the day, and clock time is a more recent invention and is primarily a product of industrialization and commerce.

In my estimation it is somewhat unfortunate that most of our western culture works on clock time.  We hurry to go here, there and everywhere, and frequently miss the special moments that help to make our minutes, hours and days more enjoyable.

Robert did extensive studies throughout the world, and found varying paces and tempo of life.  He found that the quicker we speak, walk, eat and drive that the economic well being of these communities were usually better.  So I guess if you want to have a more financially rewarding life you should live in New York or Los Angeles.

The top five countries using the index of pace of  life or time consciousness are in order, (from fastest to slowest) Switzerland, Ireland, Germany, Japan and Italy.  The five slowest or least time conscious countries are,  Syria, El Salvador, Brazil, Indonesia and Mexico. By the way the US is 16th place in world standings.

You are going to love this interview with Robert Levine as we weave our way through”A Geography of Time” and discuss some very deep philosophical questions.  I pose the question about our pace of life, and our ultimate impermanence here on this physical plane.  We speak about the Buddhist perspective about time, and how this shifts whole cultures.

We certainly are a very productive, time bound culture but changing our pace would probably relieve much of the stress in our society that causes many of the physical aliments that are epidemic states.  We should as a culture learn how to pace our life which would lead to more enjoyment of life and would enhance our relations with others.   As Robert states he envisions an attitude of “multi-temporality” where by the person who has mastered time can move easily between nature time, event time and clock time as the situation and need requires.

This is a wonderful interview with a tremendous man, with lots of personality, insight and wisdom to provide to you.  Please click here to be referred to his website for additional information.

living deeplyAs many of you have realized, we have been providing valuable interviews with the presenters for the Institute of Noetic Sciences events taking place this summer.Marilyn Schlitz is one of those authors who has a weekend workshop July 30th-Aug1st.

It was my privilege to interview Marilyn Schlitz who is the author of a book entitled, “Living Deeply-The Art and Science of Transformation in Everyday Life“. Marilyn is also the President of the Institute of Noetic Sciences. She and a few of her colleagues are going to be facilitating a wonderful workshop entitled, ” Worldview Literacy Program” at the IONS Retreat Center in Petaluma, CA.

In my interview with Marilyn, we speak about her book as well as the benefits of attending the upcoming “World Literacy Program”  There are several intriguing questions that the workshop will be diving deeply into: How do we know what we know? How do worldviews shape our experiences? What skills do we need to open us to the other people’s worldviews? Why is this important to our global community?

These questions and more are going to be the subject of this upcoming workshop on July 30th-Aug1st, 2010 at the Institute of Noetic summer series held at the beautiful retreat center in Petaluma, CA.

During my interview with Marilyn I took the time to speak with her about the book she co-authored entitled, “Living Deeply“.  We speak about the extensive research work that she completed which culminated in this wonderful book about our personal quests for transformation.

Like most people today, our lives have become increasingly complex and fast paced.  The content and stories weaved into this book will certainly awaken you to radically shift your perspective of who you are.  It is this personal deep inquiry that leads to our transformation to more conscious living beings on this planet.  If we are to find more meaning and purpose those things that are out of alignment with who we are will gradually fall away.

Marilyn Schlitz HeadshotI encourage you to attend this workshop if you want to gain insight and understanding on how your worldviews shape your reality.  If you want to register for the workshop please click here.  And if you want to know more about Marilyn’s book “Living Deeply” please click any of the links to access her.

Mary J. LoreI had the great pleasure of being introduced to Mary Lore through a good friend of mine here in San Diego.  My friend, Pam Stambaugh, is a friend of Mary’s and has helped to promote several of Mary’s workshops in our area. I am so glad that Pam took the time to connect Mary and I.  I am now a great fan of Mary’s work primarily because of it simplicity and ease of understanding.

Mary has taken some of the most challenging concepts around “thought” and distilled the content into usable and digestible language and exercise.   Her new book entitled, “Managing Thought-Think Differently, Think Powerfully, Achieve New Levels of Success,” has received the Nautilus Book Award.

As Mary explains, everything you do begins with a thought. From making small day-to-day decisions to changing company-wide strategies, to plotting a lifelong career path–the way you think determines the way you live.    Mary’s new book provides a step-by-step process to turn habitual, counterproductive thinking into creative thinking and inspired action.  Managing Thought begins by showing you that your brain is not a computer, and that your mind does not have to operate on autopilot.  Mary shows you that you can have power over your thoughts once you recognize the messages you send yourself, and reshape those thoughts to get positive results.

Managing Thoughts teaches you to overcome limiting beliefs you may have developed whether though personal experience, in your family, in your work culture, or even in your society, that blocks your vision of reality and can prevent you from growing and transforming. If you have ever operated from a place of fear, lack of control, or pure reaction–the reptilian, primitive part of the brain that responds without thinking-you can change.

I encourage you to listen to this wonderful podcast with a very knowledgeable author about the power of thought.  Her website is loaded with valuable resources as well as a wonderful self-assessment that I encourage everyone to take.  If you would like access her website just click here and enjoy the resources available.