Brendan BrazierI was fortunate enough to be referred to Brendan Brazier through a friend, Brian Johnson, who has a great website called Philosophers Notes. Brendan Brazier, the author of, “Thrive: The Vegan Nutrition Guide to Optimal Performance in Sports and Life,” is a vegan, and also just happens to be a professional Ironman Triathlete and the formulator of Vega nutritional foods.

In my interview with him we explore how he found the right formulas for eating nutrient rich foods with less calories, while and at the same time improved his performance as an athlete. He explains that his stress levels decreased, and his recover rates improved significantly. He helps to debunk the myth that professional and amateur athletes need to carbo load before an event, as a matter of fact he has proven just the opposite. That eating nutrient rich foods will actually give you more energy, and your performance and recovery times will improve.

If you really want to learn more about what stress is doing to increase your cortisol levels and increase the fat in your body, listen carefully to how important it is to reduce the stress from the external sources and to improve your performance as an athlete, and in all other areas of your life. Brendan’s, “Thrive Diet” is really more than a diet, it is a lifestyle change.

Brendan states that many, if not al,l of our modern-day health problems are caused by stress. Obesity, fatigue, mental fog, sleep disturbances, digestive problem and prematurely wrinkled skin, depression…and the list goes on. If stress, and therefore cortisol, remains elevated, several problem arise to hamper our body’s smooth functioning. One is that the body shifts fuel sources. Instead of burning fat as fuel, a stressed person’s system will burn carbohydrate in the form of sugar, and the body begins to store the body fat instead of using it for energy.

If you would like to learn more about Brendan’s Thrive Diet, he has a real cool free Thrive in 30 program where he emails to you a brief very well done 4-6 minute video with tips for improving your health and performance as an athlete. If you click here it will take you to the sign up page for this wonderful program. You can also learn more about Brendan’s Vega nutritional supplemental products by clicking here.

I hope you enjoy the great interview with a real guru in the field of professional athletes, and nutrition.
Brendan is the real deal, and I highly recommend his Thrive Diet program as well as his book, “Thrive: The Vegan Nutrition Guide to Optimal Performance in Sports and Life“. Remember you don’t have to be vegan to learn some great tips from Brendan and his incredible book.

Bo ParfetIn this wonderful interview with a very heartfelt young man, I get to explore the inner drive and ambition that developed within Bo Parfet to motivate him in his quest to become an amazing mountain climber and conquer the Seven Summits.

For a dyslexic guy who was told he wouldn’t graduate high school, Bo Parfet has achieved a lot in his 31 years. A graduate of the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, the Chicagoan scaled the 29,028-foot summit of Mount Everest on May 17, 2007 , and in so doing became one of only 80 people to have successfully climbed all eight of the world’s “Seven Summits,” the tallest mountain on every continent.

You see, the overall list comprises Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania; Mt. Aconcuaga in Argentina; Mt. McKinley (aka Denali) in Alaska; the Vinson Massif in Antarctica; Mt. Elbrus in Russia; Carstensz Pyramid (aka Puncak Jaya) in Indonesia; Mt. Kosciuszko in Australia; and Everest in China. Since mountaineers differ on whether Australasia’s should be Kosciuszko, the highest on the Australian mainland, or Papua New Guinea’s much taller Carstensz Pyramid, Bo decided to cover all bases.

While either working as an investment banker on Wall Street, bio-prospecting for lifesaving micro-organisms in extreme environments, or getting his MBA from Kellogg; Bo not only took on the Seven Summits he helped several students in impoverished areas of Africa get scholarships to complete medical school through his personal efforts and a little help from JP Morgan to help fund their educations.

All of these stories are related in Die Trying: One Man’s Quest to Conquer the Seven Summits, yet this is far more than an action-adventure along the lines of Jon Krakauer’s smash-hit bestseller Into Thin Air (Villard, 1997), among many, many other mountain-based books: Joe Simpson’s Touching the Void (HarperCollins, 1989); David Breashears’ High Exposure (Simon & Schuster, 1999); Beck Weathers’ Left For Dead (Villard, 2000); even Seven Summits by Dick Bass (Grand Central, 1988), the man who first climbed each of the continents’ highest mountains.

Die Trying: One Man’s Quest to Conquer the Seven Summits expands on Bo’s most dramatic, traumatic, and triumphal experiences by not only documenting the different revelations experienced during each of the expeditions, but also describing how these have enabled him to “turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones” in all areas of his life; at home, in the workplace, on the side of a mountain.

As such it will appeal to a far broader readership – gripping people with its graphically-related, death-defying adventures, speaking to them in terms of their own life challenges, and inspiring them with its delineation of human potential; of the inner strength derived from dealing with discouragement and overcoming adversity; of one man’s declaration that he will not be limited.

I know you will really enjoy my interview with Bo, and I encourage you to visit his website to view some of the photos from his expeditions.  You will also love the music at his website.  Click here to be linked to his website.

Guy FinleyI always thoroughly enjoy my interviews with Guy Finley. I find our interviews mentally stimulating, and hope to provide our listeners with an opportunity for deep personal growth.   In my latest interview with Guy, we are discussing a workshop that Guy presented at the Message Companies  The International Conference on Science and Consciousness in Santa Fe, New Mexico last year.  The title of the talk was, “To Touch The Timeless Mind“.

In our time together we will discuss what Guy refers to as, “the two paths to liberation”,  one being the gradual path and the other being the direct path. It is Guy’s thought that individuals can make a million year leap in consciousness. The way this is accomplished is by following the direct path to liberation. We begin to understand during this podcast the deeper elements of finding truth within ourselves, and that liberation and true freedom can be found by just learning how to let go. As Guy states it,  “we cannot think our way to wholeness”.

While on the direct path, there really is nothing to achieve. The true dichotomy of our existence is that we are constantly attempting to achieve something, and in the attempt to achieve this imagined “something” we miss much of life. I encourage you to listen very closely to Guy’s  words as he very eloquently explains how one can live a life of freedom and liberation.
Guy Finley  has recently launched his new website entitled, “Guy Finley Now“. This new website is loaded with video, audio and text based upon over 20 years of material that Guy has delivered through his, “Life of Learning Foundation“. If you would like to learn more about Guy Finley, please click here for more information. I hope you enjoy this podcast, for this material is really mind expanding.


Sarita MaybinWe have all been told, “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.” In Sarita Maybin’s easy to read book, ” If You Can’t Say Something Nice, What Do You Say?: Practical Solutions for Working Together Better,” she provides practical advice and approaches, including actual phrases, for those times when you need to tactfully clue someone in, deflect the negative comment of a well-meaning friend, or let a co-worker know that what he or she is doing drives you crazy—without destroying the relationship.

In my interview with Sarita we explore those awkward situations.  Her approach is no nonsense and realistic.  She assists you in learning how to navigate through uncomfortable office relationships and Sarita provides you with practical advice on how to handle many different situations both personal and business related.

Sarita Maybin is an energetic and engaging speaker whose audiences have fun learning how to stay positive, while they constructively confront tough communication situations and learn to work together better. A communication and empowerment expert, Sarita delivers interactive keynote speeches and workshops that provide real-life solutions and inspire positive action!

I know you will enjoy this interview with Sarita.  Her website is loaded with information and videos of her speeches and trainings.  I would recommend that if you are in need of learning how to navigate these uncomfortable waters that you visit her website by clicking here to learn more.

Patricia RaskinIt was a pleasure interviewing Patricia for this podcast. She is probably best known for her weekly radio talk shows entitled, “Positive Living”, which can be heard on the Internet at, 630WPRO as well as Radio.

In my interview with Patricia, we talk about the obstacles and challenges she had to overcome as a pioneer and trailblazer in online and cable programming, and as a role model for women who seek to use their talents and spirit to help others fulfill their dreams. We also discuss the seven (7) principles for positive living from her book entitled, “Pathfinding: Seven Principles for Positive Living and Success, Your Dream and You”.

Patricia is a wealth of knowledge and information when it comes to personal growth and mastery. Her 25 plus years interviewing guest authors like; Jack Canfield, co-creator of “Chicken Soup for the Soul®” series, Gail Sheehy, award winning journalist and author of “Passages,” Dr. Mehmet Oz, now famous for his appearances on Oprah, Dr. Dean Ornish, Marci Shimoff, James Van Praagh and many, many more, have provided her with up front and personal connections with people who have spent their lives studying and applying the skills of personal mastery.

I know you will thoroughly enjoy my podcast with one of the pioneers in talk show radio, and the talented author of, “Pathfinding: Seven Principles for Positive Living and Success, Your Dream and You”.   I recommend that you tune into Patricia’s radio shows so that you can experience her very inspiring interviews with top authors in their fields.

If you want more information on Patricia and her radio shows, please click here. Enjoy this wonderful podcast with Patricia.

Jana MullinsI first learned about Jana Mullins from a mutual friend at the University of Santa Monica, both Jana and I are graduates of the program with degrees in Spiritual Psychology.

I was fascinated to learn about her graduate project, which was the writing of Open Hands: Lessons on Giving and Receiving.  There is a wonderful story behind how Jana was able to attend University of Santa Monica and pursue her masters degree.  Jana was the single mother of three children, and really did not have the funds to attend.

Her good friend, by the name of Fred, said if she applied for the scholarship for the tuition that he would pay for her trips back and fourth from Houston, TX to Los Angeles so that she could attend classes once per month. Months after applying Jana received a telephone call from the University saying that she had been accepted into the program.  As Jana states it, Fred provided her with much more than the airfare to be able to attend graduate school, he provided her with the encouragement needed, for she was not in a very good place in her life at the time she applied.

Part of our graduate program is that we have to complete a second year project.  Jana took on the project of writing this book, and collecting the moving stories of giving and receiving that fill the pages of Open Hands.

You will be inspired, encourage and moved by the amazing stories of everyday people going out of their way to help another person in need.  These stories and a true inspiration, and will encourage any reader to  take the first steps of reaching out and touching someone in a special way.

In a recent interview with Dr. Stephen Post who wrote the book “Why Good Things Happen to Good People” he emphasized the emotional and physical benefits of giving and receiving.    His research proved that we live longer, we are healthier and our happiness quotient is amazingly high. In other words, it pays huge dividends to be kind and generous.

Jana’s book is a wonderful collection of these stories of love, support, encouragement. I know you will be encouraged to take action in your own life.

In a quote from her book Flora Edwards states ” In helping others, we shall help ourselves, for whatever good we give out completes the circle and comes back to us.”  This quote exemplifies what Jana’s book is all about.  If you are looking for inspiration and would like to have your heart touched in a special way, then I encourage you to get Jana’s book, “Open Hands: Lessons on Giving and Receiving“.

Inspired by the generous gift from Fred, Jana’s proceeds from book sales go to charities in the U.S. and abroad.  Individual purchasers are invited to select their charitable area of interest at  Non profit organizations, churches, schools and youth groups are also invited to use Open Hands as a fundraising vehicle for their own charitiable endeavors.  You can email for additional information or  please click here to learn more.

Arielle FordI had the pleasure of meeting Arielle Ford last December at a Leadership Conference that was being held in Malibu, CA by Mark Victor Hansen and my good friend Larry Wilson.  We hit it off right away, and she was nice enough to give me a proof copy of her new book entitled, “The Soulmate Secret: Manifest the Love of Your Life with the Law of Attraction“.

In this podcast with Arielle we explore how using the laws of attraction helped her personally find her soulmate, and how it can help you as well.  Arielle starts her book off with a brief but eye opening Soulmate IQ test.  This test focuses you on the laws of attraction, and how you are either positively or negatively framing in your own mind the possibilities of finding your soulmate.

I love the quote from Rumi that Arielle has in the chapter on beliefs. “Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”  I really believe that this quote says it all, and articulates why many of us are so challenged in finding our soulmate.

Arielle’s book is loaded with true stories that she uses to amplify and explain why people have difficulty finding a soulmate.   As soon as you believe that there is a soulmate out there for you, and you ready yourself to find him or her, the laws of attraction will work in your favor to assist you in locating the soulmate of your dreams.

As Arielle explains finding a soulmate does require that you become ready.  Not ready so much physically, but ready mentally.  Really put some work into defining who is your right soulmate, then apply the laws of attraction to assisting you in your exploration.

Arielle has another quote in her book that will really exemplify the readiness process.  “The day will come when, after harnessing space, the winds, the tides and gravitation we shall harness for God the energies of love.  And on that day, for the second time in the history of the world, we shall have discovered fire.” Pierre Telhard de Chardin.

Arielle has created an easy to read book that can assist anyone who is looking to find their true soulmate.  I highly recommend this book if you want to understand the laws of attraction as they relate to helping you on your search for the love of your life.  These laws are truly very powerful, and if used properly will certainly help you in your search for the perfect him or her.

I also encourage you to visit Arielle’s website for more information on her books and workshops.  You can visit her website by clicking here.

I have always been interested in tools that can assist in helping me be more efficient and productive in my vocation. I used to go around the country speaking to groups of financial services representatives about productivity tools, (both hardware and software), that would make them more effective at their work. The title of the talk that I delivered over 10 years ago was “Taming Time and Technology.

Needless to say, that technology has continued to outpace lots of peoples abilities to adapt and adopt it. But once a technology junkie always a junkie, and I continue to evangelize about products that I believe can help.

I have found a tool that is not only highly productive, but relatively easy to take out of the box and start using. My inspiration to write about this product is very much a part of my business of creating these blogs and podcasts, and how the Smart Pen plays an important role in making this easier for me.

Imagine a pen that has a recorder build aboard, with 2 GB of memory.  Now imagine that when you write with this pen that the built in infrared camera takes pictures of the notes you are taking. All you have to do is click where you were writing, and the pen plays back the recorded notes. So, you have both a picture and an audio recording of your notes.  If you are an author, journalist, student, coach, attorney or any other professional where meetings, seminars or lectures are part of your life, and want to remember what was said, then the Smart Pen is your answer.

In my interview with Eric Petitt, the Director of Marketing, we get to explore the many ways that the Smart Pen by Livescribe is helping people like you and me improve our efficiency, effectiveness and productivity. The Smart Pen by Livescribe is a wonderful tool and I know it will revolutionize the process of taking notes.

In this informative interview with Eric, we explore the fascinating history and evolution of this pen, as well as discuss the applications.  We discuss the evolving community of users, and how they are sharing data both written and audio recording via cyberspace through the Livescribe community.

I highly encourage anyone who wants to share, keep, store and remember those important lectures, seminars or conference calls, to explore the wonders of this amazing pen.  The website is loaded with instructional and informative videos.  If you would like to see a demonstration of the applications of the Smart Pen then click here to go to their website.

Enjoy this interview, and please do yourself a favor and go purchase one of these amazing pens.