Kevin McCarthyFifteen years ago my life was certainly not balanced. I was constantly working and was not paying attention to my health or my family. I was on a collision course and headed toward self destruction. I was in tremendous personal pain and really did not know where to go or who to turn too.

Along came a friend who was very in tune with my path of personal self destruction. He knew of my pain even thought I had not discussed my issues with him. I called him my guardian angel for his intervention with a little book called “The On-Purpose Person: Making Your Life Make Sense” was perfect timing. He gave me this book and insisted that I read it. On an airplane trip to Seattle, WA I read the book not just once but twice. I thought the character in the parable was me. This little book was like a whack on the side of my head, a wake up call to take an inventory of what was important. My values were not congruent with what I wanted in life and this was causing tremendous consternation. I was so inspired by the story in “The On Purpose Person” that I had to speak with the author so I called him up and we talked about my pain. He provided me with as much guidance as he could over the phone, but suggested the I might want to take a two-day course called the “The On Purpose Person“. The only challenge is that he did not have any scheduled for California. So I suggested that I help him put together a group of people and have him fly out and do a workshop. So that is what I did. I started calling many of my friends, family and associates about the planned workshop, and I was able to fill the room. I guess that I was not the only one who was feeling out of balance with their life.

The rest is history. Kevin came to California and we became great friends. I am forever grateful for having been introduced to this life changing course. I recommend that you listen to this podcast and link to his web site for more information about “The On Purpose Person” and “The On Purpose Business”. If you are in the midst of reevaluating your priorities in life or business and could use some help, you have come upon the perfect guidance course and book.

I hope you enjoy this interview with Kevin McCarthy.

Dan Millman About two weeks ago I had the good fortune to meet Dan Millman, the author of “Way of the Peaceful Warrior.” I had twice seen the autobiographical movie “Peaceful Warrior” about Dan’s life and was really excited to meet him. Prior to our meeting Dan sent me a copy of a book he wrote entitled “The Laws of Spirit: A Tale of Transformation.” This a short read but it is full of wisdom and guidance.

In the Laws of Spirit, Dan articulates the 12 Laws of Spirit that he learns from an encounter with a mysterious mountain sage. One of the Laws of Spirit focuses on balance and was particularly revealingly to me at this juncture in my life. The mountain sage uses a stick balanced on her hand and discussed the pull of desire and the push of fear as an analogy to get the reader to understand the concept of balance.

Think about it: We are either pulled by desire or pushed by fear. What happens if we don’t understand how to balance these two emotions? Frequently it can be paralyzing. If fear gets the best of us we freeze and don’t take any action. On the other hand if we become too focused on our desires and wants we acquire more stuff and get addicted to the stuff in our lives. Finding the balance between the fear and desire is so important to lead a healthy life.
I encourage you to read “The Laws of Spirit” and purchase or rent “Peaceful Warrior.” This is a wonderful movie about Dan’s spiritual journey, and a life changing event that forever alters the course of his life. It is an inspiring film that should leave you with many questions about your own life, and how to shift your perspective so that you might see this wonderfully magnificent world full of opportunity to overcome obstacles and achieve happiness along your path.

I hope you enjoy this interview with Dan Millman.

Again, I apologize for the lack of sound quality in this podcast. The upcoming podcasts that I’m working on in the next few weeks will feature vastly improved sound quality.

Larry Wilson It is certainly by no accident that one of the men who has influenced me the most is my first interview for our podcast and this blog. If you are not aware of Larry Wilson’s many accomplishments he is probably best known for having founded one of the largest learning organizations in this country, Wilson Learning Corp. I met Larry about 12 years ago after having read several of his books. I called him up at his ranch Pecos River in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I told him that I was starting a company called Sales Solutions Systems, and asked if he would be interested in meeting with me to discuss an opportunity that existed in the insurance industry. His answer was a resounding yes, and he welcomed me with open arms and heart when I met him at Pecos River some 12 years ago. Pecos River has since been sold, but what an incredible retreat facility it was, with ropes courses and beautiful scenery and some of the top training in leadership that this country had to offer at the time.

Since our meeting each of our lives have taken many twists and turns, but one constant is that Larry has always been there for me every step of the way to help guide me through the maze of business and personal growth.

In this podcast you will learn more about his current work “The Great Game of Life” and his book “Play to Win!: Choosing Growth Over Fear in Work and Life. Larry has recently developed a 12 session course that is one of the best personal growth courses I have ever reviewed. Later this year we will be bringing this program to our Digital Seed learning platform so that thousands of people can enjoy this work via the Internet and collaborate with others across the country in the process. This podcast is a wonderful insight into Larry Wilson the man and his own personal journey. I hope you enjoy it.

I apologize for the sound quality of my voice (Larry comes through much clearer). We are still getting the hang of recording phone conversations over here.