Katherine Woodward ThomasIt was a pleasure doing this podcast with Katherine Woodward Thomas. I found her book, and topic about attracting the love of your life to be very interesting. Katherine draws upon her personal experience to help others attract the perfect relationship into their lives. Her insights and lessons learned on her own personal journey are insightful. As Katherine so eloquently explains in this podcast about her own personal story, we need to start looking at what we are projecting to the opposite sex. What energetic are we carrying around, and what consequences are our subconscious thoughts playing in keeping us from the perfect relationship.

At the age of 41 Katherine started working on setting intentions to attracting the right person into her life. She stated that by the time she reached her 42nd birthday that she would be in the perfect relationship. Guess what!! Setting her intentions, meditating and praying each day helped her to shift her energetic and attract the perfect mate.

Katherine explains in our podcast that the energetic that one projects has either a positive or negative effect on who we attract into our lives. If you don’t believe or trust that you will find the right person, then guess what? You will never attract the right person into your life. It sounds simple, but the process of shifting your mindset and practicing setting your intentions takes practice. Katherine states that the energetic we hold in our body, is so important to attracting the perfect mate.

So if you are single and looking for the perfect relationship, and have not been able to find the perfect mate I would encourage you to listen to this podcast and read Katherine’s book entitled Calling in “The One”: 7 Weeks to Attract the Love of Your Life. You can also learn more about Katherine and her work by visiting her website by clicking here, to learn more about her workshops and seminars.

Cathy and Gary HawkI first met Gary Hawk many years ago in San Diego when he was involved in the development of a program called the, “Inner Circle.” Gary is a wonderfully gifted facilitator helping CEO’s and top executives transform their organizations into more effective and efficient operations. Gary had lots of prior experience having held top executive positions of leadership in major national corporations.

A few years back Gary’s life took an interesting shift when he met his new wife Cathy. Cathy is the founder of, “Clarity International“, an organization who’s focus is the development of personal and professional vision. Cathy is a pioneer in the field of energy coaching, and has the first trademarked interview system based on chakras. She refers to the process as “Lights on Learning Method”. When the two of them teamed up with their unique talents, they brought to the world a unique partnership focusing on helping people transform their lives for success.

Our podcast focuses on their new book entitled, “Creating the Rest of Your Life, An Atlas for Manifesting Success & Excellence in Life & Work“, which is a combination book and guide to helping individuals manifest success and excellence in their life and work. They use a very interesting graphic in the book called a “journey map”. This journey map helps guide you on a path to living you life with your “lights on” as Gary and Cathy refer to it. There are 27 different points of reflection and insight along the way, all focused on helping you gain clarity about yourself and where you want to go.

I love a quote they have used in the book in the first chapter from Elisabeth Kubler-Ross “People are like stained glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when darkness sets in their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within”. Gary and Cathy will truly help you see the light within.

Please enjoy this wonderful interview with Gary and Cathy as we explore their new book, and how setting out on a path of clarity, focus, purpose and intention will help you become your authentic self.

If you would like more information about Gary and Cathy’s workshops, books, CD please visit their web site by clicking here Clarity International. Enjoy this interview…

P.S. I apologize for the audio quality for my internal mic as it was not set correctly, but Gary and Cathy’s audio quality is great.

Joan BorysenkoI first became acquainted with Joan’s work as a result of reading Dr. Herbert Benson’s book the, “Relaxation Response”. I ultimately found out from Joan that she and Dr. Benson co-founded the Mind Body Institute which is part of the Harvard Medical School. Joan is the author of more that 12 best selling books and lectures and facilitates workshops worldwide.

On a recent trip to Boulder, CO, I had the pleasure of meeting Joan along with a couple of her colleagues. We had the opportunity to briefly discuss her new book entitled, “Your Soul’s Compass: What Is Spiritual Guidance?“, co authored with her husband Gordon Dveirin. I must admit that this is one of the best podcasts I have completed, for I was intrigued by the research they both had completed with the Sages to have written this book. They consulted over 27 Sages from diverse wisdom tradition to explore the nature of spirituality guidance. What they found out is that several themes emerged from their research. First, that there’s no map no definitive “10 steps” for the journey of becoming fully human–what Joan and Gordon call Homo sapiens caritas ( a person of wisdom and compassion). But what they did find out is that there are guiding principles that can help us recognize whether or not we’re on the right track. The capacities for stillness, curiosity, comfort and uncertainty cultivate receptivity, rather than reinforcing secular or religious fundamentalism that promote rigid, in-the-box thinking.

I welcome you to join with me in listening to this wonderfully enlightening podcast with Dr. Joan Borysenko and Gordon Dveirin on, “Your Soul’s Compass”. During this podcast I explore with Joan and Gordon insightful questions about what the Sages taught them and how we can apply this wisdom and understanding to our everyday life. So if you are seeking greater understanding about your path of mastery, then this podcast is a must listen.

I also encourage you to to visit Joan’s web site by clicking here. There you can learn about her books, CD’s, workshops appearances and subscribe to her newsletter. So sit back relax and enjoy our interview on “Your Soul’s Journey”

Alan BriskinI personally had the pleasure of meeting Alan Briskin at a “Thought Leaders Gathering” in San Fransisco. A good friend of mine Craig Neal, has been bringing together some of the great leaders to explore new innovative ways of designing organizations and assisting in organizational transformation. It was at the “Thought Leaders Gathering” that I was introduced to Alan, and was very impressed with is knowledge and personal spiritual quest.

Over the years Alan and I have stayed in touch, and I called him a few months back to see if he would like to do a podcast about his book entitled, “Bringing Your Soul to Work: An Everyday Practice.” He agreed and the attached podcast is an exploration into how amidst the frenetic pace and constant urgencies at work, one is often left feeling barren inside.

There is often the question of “how” that follows any call for a new vision, especially one that includes an orientation that joins the inner life of the individual with the outer need to be effective in the world. Along with co-author, Cheryl Peppers, Alan Briskin set out to provide provocative practices, useful questions, and strengthening exercises to those seeking answers to the “how” question. This book can be very useful to individuals looking to act on what matters and to become more mindful of constructive and destructive patterns — in ourselves as well as in groups and organizations.

I encourage you to relax and listen to in my estimation, one of the predominant thought leaders in the area of spirituality in the workplace. If you would like to know more about Alan and his workshops and books, please visit his web site by clicking here.

John AssarafI was introduced to John Assaraf by a good friend of my David Corbin. I first saw John speak at the National Speaker Association meeting in San Diego about a year ago. He was fascinating, especially his discussion that all of life is just energy. Many of you probably know John from his appearance in “The Secret“, and his many appearances on television as an advocate for the principles taught in “The Secret“.

In my interview with John, we explore his past and how he grew up with very few resources as his disposal. We get to learn how his drive to consistently improve evolved. John was fortunate early on in his life to have been exposed to positive principles and good strong work ethics. I believe that this had much to do with his ambition, accomplishment and success. We explore “The Great Law and the Seven Natural Laws that will Change Your Life Forever”. The Great Law is: “Energy is everything”, and all of the natural laws relate back to the Great Law.”

You might be wondering how does this relate to your personal growth and development? Well, because we are all energy, how we control our thoughts, (which is energy), effects everything within our body, mind and soul. Just remember, you don’t have to believe everything that you think, and how you relate to the issue is the issue. So if you choose to channel your energy properly, as John discusses in our interview, you can achieve your life’s goals and dreams.

John’s new book, “Having It All: Achieving Your Lifes Goals and Dreams “, is quite informative and not just another self help book. He provides exercises and guidance on how to find your “True North” by using what he refers to as his, ” life design matrix”. You will also find vast resources at his web site which support you on your journey. I would also check out his blog, for he frequently has great advice and it is chock full of valuable information to help you on your personal mastery journey.

So set back relax and enjoy this wonderful interview with John Assaraf the author of, “Having It All: Achieving Your Lifes Goals and Dreams.”

Lloyd SiedenI first met Lloyd Sieden at a meditation retreat on the Orcas Islands in Washington. We were both attending a retreat that I attend almost every year at Camp Indralaya run by the Joel and Michelle Levey. I was quite intrigued by Lloyd and his extremely calm demeanor.

We got to talking one day while we were out hiking in the beautiful woods of the Northwest, and I started asking him about his vocation and what really excited him in life. Our dialogue turned out to extend the whole duration of the hike. He proceeded to tell me about his time working with the famous Buckminster Fuller. He explained that did not get to spend lots of time with him prior to his passing, but enough time that he was so inspired by Bucky that he decided to do extensive research into his life and write a book about him.

In my interview with Lloyd, he takes us into the inside world of Buckminster Fuller. You will begin to realize more about the fascinating inventions and philosophies that kept “Bucky” vibrant, exciting and alive. If you are not aware of his many inventions, he is probably best know for his invention of the geodesic dome. Throughout this podcast you will learn more about Bucky, but most importantly you will really understand his great contributions to planet earth.

I highly recommend Lloyd’s book entitled, “Buckminster Fuller’s Universe: His Life and Work“. If after listening to this podcast you would like to learn more about Buckminster Fuller, please go to Lloyd’s site by clicking here.

Catherine NomuraDan Sullivan and Catherine Nomura are the authors of a wonderful book entitled, “The Laws of Lifetime Growth: Always Make Your Future Bigger Than Your Past (Bk Life)“. I have been a fan of Dan’s since being introduced to his work entitled the ,”Strategic Coach“, many years ago while in the financial services industry.

I got a hold of Dan’s assistant and was able to get Catherine Nomura to grant us an interview for this podcast. Catherine has been affiliated with Dan for many years and they recently published this book together. The Laws in the book are very simple but quite powerful. In my interview with Catherine we explore the, 10 Laws of Lifetime Growth. Through the stories that Catherine tells and the examples she gives, you will better understand these principles and how they can help you in your own personal growth and development.

I encourage you to sit back, relax and listen to my interview with Catherine Nomura about the, “Laws of Lifetime Growth”. If you would like to learn more about the please visit their web site by clicking here. If you are interested in Dan Sullivan’s coaching programs, please click here for more information.

Cindy SilbertA few years ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Cindy Silbert at a “Women in Business” Expo in Del Mar, CA. She impressed me with her gentle spirit and intuitive nature and we have stayed in touch. Cindy has written and released her first book entitled, “Create, Cultivate, Thrive A Guide to Self Expression and Fulfillment”,so it was perfect timing for us to do this podcast together. Her latest book was written as a guide for women to discover their true feminine power and ultimately reach their full potential in life. Cindy’s life work is to guide women to that place of peace and power within and to teach them how to create and cultivate a life that is a thriving expression of each individual in every aspect of work, home, body, love and soul. The approach she uses is organic in that it is natural, intuitive and fluid. Her approach changes and adapts based on the individual so it is totally customized. Each person’s experience with Cindy will be different than the experience of any one else. It’s all up to you and what you want to create in your life. For those of you unfamiliar with Cindy, she is the premiere transformational Life Coach for women who want to express themselves and change the world. She is the creator of, “Life Cultivation™”, a fusion of eastern practices and life coaching.

As the founder of Bring You To Life , she has created the only global resource guiding women to deep lasting fulfillment through Self-Expressed Living ™ and the preeminent community of women expressing themselves and changing the world. Cindy’s natural gift is intuitive listening. She is able to listen beyond words and intuitively guide a person to discover their essence, truth and ultimately what they want from life. Cindy’s gift is backed by 25 years of experience and education including a B.S. in Business with an emphasis in Marketing from San Diego State University.

During a difficult period of her life, Cindy called upon her lifelong passion for journaling as a last resort to get her life back on track and where she desired it to be. While journaling she discovered a process that she found far more powerful than any other motivation or goal setting program she had ever encountered. This powerful personal experience led to the development of Life Cultivation™ which is now the foundation for her coaching, books, workshops and life tools. Cindy believes that the path to “Absolute Fulfillment” comes from both internal and external fulfillment. She says that in this life, happiness and fulfillment comes from having it all. Not just meaningless possessions but simply having a life that reflects your desires – a life that inspires you, makes you happy and gets you to jump out of the bed in the morning. And possibly, a life that is beyond what you can currently imagine.

I invite you to sit back, relax and enjoy this inspiring interview with Cindy.

Jamie Nast I do not know how many of you have been exposed to the concept of, “Idea Mapping“, but it is a wonderful way to collect and organize your thoughts. I personally started Idea Mapping about 10 years ago and have been using the process ever since. I happen to run across Jamie Nast’s Idea Mapping while doing a search on Amazon. I called up Jamie and asked her if she would be interested in doing this podcast and she gracefully accepted.

Jamie is one of the foremost consultants on Idea Mapping and has a wonderful knowledge of the process and how it can assist you both professionally and personally. Idea Mapping, as she refers to it, is a process using either software or colored pens and paper to capture your ideas and thoughts without binding you to a linear process as we learned in college while note taking. We don’t think linearly so why would we want to capture our thoughts and ideas that way?

Idea Mapping frees the mind and opens up the unlimited possibilities of creativity and innovation. It is a wonderful process and something that I highly recommend to my listeners to learn more about. Jamie’s new book entitled, ” Idea Mapping: How to Access Your Hidden Brain Power, Learn Faster, Remember More, and Achieve Success in Business“, is simple to read and packed full of examples and methods to get you started. She has even included a CD from MindJet which is a 21-day free trial software for both Mac and PC.

If you wish to achieve greater success, learn faster and capture your ideas to be organized for monumental personal and professional growth, then I highly recommend Idea Mapping by Jamie Nast. You can find out more about Jamie, her courses, books and trainings by clicking here.