I happen to be watching CBS Sunday Morning, one of my favorite human interest documentary programs, and I saw the story about Ron Suskind and his son Owen who is autistic. Ron wrote a book entitled “Life Animated” about the breakthroughs their family encountered integrating Disney characters that Owen was deeply connected to as a result of watching hour upon hour of Disney videos.

Probably the most synchronistic and great things about Ron and Owen’s story is that during the week this aired a local non-profit called Teri Inc, in Oceanside CA was interviewing me to help them with their capital campaign to build a school for autistic and special needs kids. This story not only caught my attention, but moved me to tears.

In my interview with Ron we discuss aspects of the journey that Ron and Cornelia encountered while their son Owen was starting to speak and verbalize his needs again.  Owen is now about ready to graduate from a special college for autistic young adults, and is teaching a class called “Disney Club”. The Suskind Family have really come along way since the day Owen mysteriously disappeared within. They are now working with a new technology called ” Affinity Therapy” that is having breakthrough results with many of the children and young adults that have been diagnosed with autism.

I know you are going to really enjoy this compelling story, especially if you are living with and or caring for a child with autism.

If you want to learn more about Ron and his new book ” Life Animated” just click here, or you can watch the video below.

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing author and advocate Karen Kain. Her book entitled “A Unique Life Fully Lived”, is the story of her journey with her daughter Lorrin who at six weeks had an adverse reaction to her one and only DPT vaccination. It attacked her brain, leaving her with severe brain damage. Feeling abandoned by modern medicine, karen turned to alternative treatments and spiritual guidance. To this day Karen get messages from Lorrin telling her to have “fun”.

Karen’s heart warming story takes you through Lorrain’s life, which was truly fully lived. She engaged in activities and did many things that special needs kids would never have the opportunity to participate in.

Karen is now an advocate, speaker and author speaking about Lorrain, but also about the challenges that caregivers of special needs children are faced with. It does not matter if you have a special needs child or not, Karen’s story is one of strength, compassion and love and for a daughter that in her eyes was her best friend.

I hope that you enjoy my interview with Karen and if you want to learn more please click here to be directed to her website, or click here to go to her Facebook page.