Tom GegaxI first met Tom Gegax at a Spirit in Business Conference in Santa Fe, New Mexico about 9 years ago. He was one of the featured speakers at the event and I thoroughly enjoyed his subject and content of his talk. I have followed Tom off and on over the last nine years and contacted his office recently to do this podcast about his new book, “The Big Book of Small Business: You Don’t Have to Run Your Business by the Seat of Your Pants.”
Tom has quite a history as a entrepreneur having started one of the largest retail automotive tire businesses called, Tires Plus. By the time Tom sold Tires Plus to a multinational firm in 2000, it had mushroomed from a sketch on a restaurant napkin to a Midwest market leader with over 150 locations.

If you are an entrepreneur running a business of any size you are going to enjoy this podcast with Tom, because Tom knows what it’s like to run a business with over 1500 employees. Tom has learned how to get the most out of his people and run a world class organization. But more importantly, he learned through his near death experience with cancer how to put his life in perspective and focus on what is important, his own personal growth. Resolved to turn things around, he improved his mental clarity, health and relationships. He noticed that the more he profited on a personal level, the more his company profited. His big lesson from cancer was the challenge as to how he would become more of an “Enlightened Leader”. What he learned was that the more he focused on the well-being of his employees and customers,(as well as his own well being), than naturally his own success followed.

I would like you to set back, relax and learn from a very wise businessmen. Tom will share his insights into the hard learned lessons as to becoming an enlightened and effective leader and on how to do the small things right so the big decisions work.

If you are interested in learning more about Tom and his seminars, workshops, books and CD’s please visit his web site Gegax Management Systems by clicking here.

Lorna Riley I first met Lorna Riley at a National Speaker Conference in Los Angeles about 12 years ago. She was one of the main speakers and I was quite impressed with her energy and incredible stage presence. We only briefly met at that meeting not even knowing that we lived in the same town. Just a few months ago I went to an ASTD meeting and guess who was the main speaker? You guessed it, Lorna! We exchanged business cards and promised one another that we would get together for lunch and to get to know one another better. We had lunch a few months ago, and I was so impressed with what Lorna’s company,” Chart Learning Solutions” was doing that I invited her to do this podcast. Lorna is a professional sales trainer and consultant with over 18 years of experience. In our podcast we discuss her book “Off the Chart Results” where she has compiled the thoughts and inspiring wisdom of some of the greatest minds of today such as: Warren Bennis, Margaret Wheatley and James Kouzes.

Lorna was influenced by the inspiring work of Joseph Campbell and “The Hero’s Journey.” She has utilized the concepts of the hero’s journey in the development of a chart to assist individuals in identifying the various stages of personal growth and development. This was so well received by her clients that she continues to refine the process and has created several training programs around the “Four Stages of Off the Chart Results“. I encourage you to listen carefully as Lorna identifies and explains the various stages in our interview, for I believe you will receive valuable information to help you on your own path of personal mastery.
If you would like to learn more about Chart Learning Solutions and the various training programs offered by Lorna, please visit her web site by clicking here.

Michael and Cheryl Johnson I first met Michael Johnson at a seminar at USD in San Diego, where his client, Will Marre, was speaking. Michael and his wife Cheryl own a company called, Industrial Strength TV. Together they produce and direct documentaries and other video productions for clients. What intrigued me about Michael was the socially conscious focus he took by the selection of his clients and the kind of work he was creating, producing and directing. The Purple Couch: Stories from Americas Living Room, is the brain child of his wife Cheryl and is a masterful production about everyday people and how they have handled adversity in their lives.

The setting where the video is shot is outside on location…….on a purple couch! This purple couch is placed almost anywhere; a busy street, on the beach or outside a sidewalk cafe. Cheryl stands off camera and asks very thought provoking questions to stimulate the subjects to tell their stories. The stories that emerge are fascinating, intriguing and enrich the souls of the viewers. If you would like to see the short production they did with my son Sean click here.

I am a definite fan of Michael and Cheryl’s work and hope that you will visit their web site and watch some of the amazing video productions. Stay tuned for you might see “The Purple Couch: Stories from Americas Living Room” on PBS.

Brandt MorganI have to say that Brandt Morgan and his, “Vision Walk” process is incredibly powerful. I recently went to a spiritual retreat in Virgina and read the book on the plane. I followed the advice that Brandt outlines in the book by asking a question prior to my meditation, then went into meditation and let spirit do the rest. During the meditation I found myself very peaceful and without any distraction. Upon rising from the meditation Brandt suggests that you go on a walk and listen to Spirit. I just happen to be in one of the most beautiful parts of the country and took an hour walk in the woods. I had never had an experience like the one I experienced on the walk. I was being guided by Spirit throughout the walk, about a very important project that had been on my mind. I am now consumed by “Heartfelt Connections” which is a project that has been divinely manifested.

Not only did Spirit speak with me, she gave me advice in detail as to what I was suppose to be doing with this project. The advice was so descriptive in detail that after the walk, I went back to my cabin at the retreat center and started recording what I had been told. When I was completed with the process I had over nine pages of detailed information to proceed forward manifesting my “Heartfelt Connections” project. If you would like to learn more about this project please click here for a link to our web site or read my blog entry by clicking here.

In all my years of personal growth and study I have never had a process that has so strongly connected me to Spirit as did the Vision Walk that Brandt Morgan outlines in his book. I highly recommend his book, retreats and learning more about this wonderful spiritual process. Please check out Brandt’s web site by clicking here and definitely purchase his book.

Bill HarrisBill Harris is the director of Centerpointe Research Institute in Portland OR. He is the originator of a method of meditation called, “Holosync”, which is being practiced and used by thousands of people today.  Centerpointe Research Institute had its modest beginnings in the fall of 1989. Bill Harris and Wes Wait, both with a long-term interest in meditation and personal growth, had spent the previous four years with a small circle of friends researching and personally experiencing the effects of what later evolved into Centerpointe Research Institute’s Holosync® audio technology.

The idea of using precise sounds to alter a listener’s state of mind came from a 1973 article in Scientific American by researcher Dr. Gerald Oster of Mt. Sinai Medical Center in New York. In this article, “Auditory Beats in the Brain,” Oster describes a characteristic of the brain wherein electrical brain wave patterns resonate to certain precise frequencies when presented with audio tones of certain frequencies.

As long-time practitioners of Transcendental Meditation, Harris and Wait were familiar with research done in the 1970s establishing a relationship between specific brain wave patterns and a variety of states including those of meditation, superlearning, increased focus and concentration, and enhanced creativity.

After four years of personal experimentation, during which those in the research group experienced what could only be described as profound mental, emotional and spiritual changes, Harris and Wait decided to create a structured method for using Holosync, and in 1989 they began marketing this program to the general public. With electronic tone generators and frequency counters borrowed from a local university, the master soundtracks were recorded for a series of 13 program levels, each more powerful than the last.

The initial idea was to re-create, with modern high-tech methods, the meditation experience usually reserved to those dedicated few willing to meditate many hours each day for many years. To recreate the second ingredient of the meditation process—the “rescripting” that takes place as meditators reach an altered, meditative state and then reprogram their unconscious mind through mantras, affirmations, or prayers—they added, beginning with the second level of the program, silent affirmations chosen by the participant and recorded in his or her own voice, and delivered using Centerpointe’s proprietary Autofonix® silent messaging technology.

The results were spectacular and participant feedback extremely positive. Participants reported a dramatic acceleration of positive results in their meditation practice, often reporting more change in a single year of the Centerpointe program than in ten or fifteen years of traditional meditation.

Today, Centerpointe has grown to be one of the largest personal growth companies in the world, with program participants in 172 countries.

I hope that you enjoy this interesting and informative podcast with a man who has revolutionized the art of meditation. If you would like to learn more about Bill Harris and the Centerpointe Research Institute please click here.

Ruth FolitIn this interview with Ruth Folit we explore the wonderfully powerful and rewarding aspects of journaling. I know that I have journaled from time to time and when I was inspired to journal, I found the process to be very cathartic.

In my interview with Ruth we explore the benefits of regular journaling and the various types of journaling. Ruth is the founder of a company called, “Chronicles Software“, and she developed one of the only software applications that assists journal writers in organizing their thoughts for easy retrieval. The software also allows the journal writer to:

  • Write securely and privately, journaling within feature-rich entries.
  • Be inspired with prompts and quotes to see new perspectives: your journaling becomes more consistent.
  • Track your health or energy levels; hours slept or miles walked (create up to 10 scales)–a unique journaling tool.
  • Search and review your diary entries effortlessly by topic, date, journal type and more.
  • Remember your past and create your memoir, as memories surface.
  • Understand your life better by making connections and gaining insight.
  • Customize your diary to make it YOUR OWN journal program.

If you are interested in learning more about the art of journaling and would like to know more about Ruth’s software please visit her web site by clicking here. I know you will enjoy our podcast if you are interested in becoming more focused on the regular benefits of journaling. I was inspired by our interview and am going to start journaling again.

[audio:IPG_Ruth Folit Interview_122707.mp3]

Jen BlackertJen Blackert is a wonderfully energetic person. I have never personally met her, but I feel as if I have known her forever. I decided to do this podcast about her new book because I believe she is very intuitive when it comes to the focus, direction and use of one’s energy. Her book is a guide to finding, identifying and changing our mental limits. It offers probing questions to ponder in an effort to get the reader to eradicate unhelpful habits and behaviors so you can live a life without limits.

So just what are the Seven Dragons that Jen has identified?

1. Mental Incongruence: Shift your subconscious feelings into alignment with logical thought.

2. Overwhelm: Clarify your needs and map your way to success.

3. Decision Procrastination: Change your procrastination habits for good.

4. Attention Deficit: Gain focus and concentration.

5. Resistance: Reset your mindset and go with the flow.

6. Finances: Learn to give, receive and feel confident with the flow of money.

7. Unworthiness: Be, do and feel fabulous.
Jen’s book is a guide to helping you overcome the Seven Dragons and achieve a limitless mind. I hope you enjoy this podcast and learning how to achieve personal mastery by working on your Seven Dragons. If you would like to learn more about Jen’s workshops, audio CD’s, and books please visit her site by clicking here

Barbara Moses Ph.DDo you know what motivates you, or what your ideal work environment would be? In my interview with Dr. Barbara Moses author of, “What Next?-Finding the Work That is Right for You,” we explore the issues that could be holding you back from finding the work you love. Dr. Moses is a highly acclaimed career counselor and her books and career profiles have been used by millions of people to match them to their perfect career. In Dr. Moses’ comprehensive guide she provides self assessment tools and career advice for anyone wishing to explore a new path.

It does not matter if you are a Baby Boomer or a Generation X’er. My interview with Dr. Moses focuses on the issues of how anyone can find more meaningful work. We talk about skills and competencies necessary in the workplace of today, but we also explore the importance that all generations are placing on having more meaningful and fulfilling work. Dr. Moses helps people through a series of profiles, questions and self assessment tools to find the right work suited to match their unique personality and skills.

I was reading a recent statistic that said that our younger generation of workers will most likely have 13-15 different jobs in their lifetime. This is quite the contrast to the traditionalists and “Baby Boomers” who were conditioned to keep their jobs and not make many job changes. We live in a changing world and a fascinating work environment. Dr. Moses will provide you with the tools and assessments that make this new and ever changing work world not so daunting. I know you will thoroughly enjoy my interview with one of the most highly sought out experts in the field. Fast Company magazine is quoted as saying, “Dr. Barbara Moses is the career guru.”

So sit back, relax and learn how matching your skills, personality and aptitudes to the proper job can be fun and enjoyable. I recommend Dr. Barbara Moses’ book, “What Next?”, as a practical user-friendly guide for anyone looking for a career change. If you want more information on Dr. Barbara Moses’ assessments, profiles and workshops, please click here.

Richard MossThis is a thoroughly delightful interview with a very insightful and wise man, Dr. Richard Moss. I stumbled upon Richard’s work while I was doing a search in Google. I was fascinated by the information at his site, so I contacted his assistant and we were granted an interview. The focus of this podcast is Richard’s most recent book entitled, “The Mandala of Being: Discovering the Power of Awareness“. This book focuses on the four places our mind goes to when we leave the “now”, specifically; the past, the future, judgment of ourselves and judgment of others. Richard also shows us the way home by teaching ways to stay fully present which in turn leads to a life of authenticity.

Drawing from his own profound self-realization and more that three decades of working with people of diverse backgrounds, Richard encourages and accompanies the reader on a journey toward freedom from fear and any other limiting or threatening feelings. Deep self-understanding, inner ease, spontaneous healing, more fulfilling relationships, and enhanced creativity, are all wonderful blessings that can arise from reading and reflecting on the, “The Mandala of Being: Discovering the Power of Awareness“.

I know you will enjoy this podcast with a wonderfully warm man who has the ability to show you how to attain what he refers to as “radical aliveness”. Where the mind is silent and the body is filled with presence and a new enthusiasm for living is born. He discusses simple practices that meet the challenges of maintaining the aliveness in daily life without requiring the presence of a teacher or special sacred environment to gain this aliveness.

I highly recommend this book and the workshops that Richard facilitates. If you would like to learn more about his on-line courses, books, audio programs and workshops please click here