How many of you are just plain tired of all the BS in the world?  It seems like more than ever we are dealing with a barrage of BS that comes from every different direction, the news media, politicians, and business just to name a few.  The complete and utter lies are just phenomenal,  our leaders just need to fess up and become honest with us?

You are in for a breath of fresh air because the guest on this podcast is Peter Kozodoy the author of a new book entitled “Honest to Greatness-How Today’s Greatest Leaders Use Brutal Honesty to Achieve Massive Success

As Peter states ” Consumers today are smarter than ever, with more information at their fingertips then they know what to do with. And with near-perfect information, we’ve begun to make dramatically different choices about what we buy, flattening leaders and organizations who have historically relied on deceit to achieve success. In today’s world, we see right through these tricks, roll our eyes at corporate scandals, and distrust…well everyone. And in that environment, only the honest will survive.”

Peter has interviewed hundreds of leaders of companies that are using strategic honesty to create organizations that are excelling in sales, attracting new talent and building cultures that are rewarding and fulfilling to work for. This book is filled with examples of companies that have become brutally honest such as Bridgewater Associates, Sprint, Quicken Loans, Domino’s Pizza, and Ritz-Carlton just to name a few.

If you want to learn what it takes to move your organization to becoming honest and working from a place of conscious capitalism then you are going to want to listen to this interview with a thought leader and entrepreneur Peter Kozodoy who founded one of the Inc 5000 businesses, a TedX speaker and business coach.

Please visit Peter’s website by clicking here to learn more about the book, his coaching and to take the no-cost quiz to determine your “Honesty Type” I hope you enjoy this thought-provoking interview with author Peter Kozodoy.

In my interview with author Kim Loh, we speak about her new co-authored book entitled ” Compassionate Conversations-How to Speak and Listen from the Heart”  In our world today what we speak about in this podcast is so very important and worth listening too.

No matter who you are or in what position you might hold, it is challenging at best to understand how your biases are playing out in the way you communicate with others.

The conversation has an immense power to deepen our relationships and cast light on our shared reality. Dialogue is the cornerstone of all significant changes in society and the basis of our efforts to create fairer, more equitable conditions for everyone. Depending on what we’re trying to talk about, however, some conversations can be extremely difficult. We often avoid these kinds of conversations because we often have unsatisfying and, sometimes, damaging experiences. Whether we are talking about race, gender, politics, or religion, we can easily become entangled in our differences, in our beliefs about right and wrong, and in our views of the issues. With practice, however, we are also capable of doing something else: being fully in the present moment, accessing our goodwill and flexibility, and using conversation as an opportunity to learn and grow together.

Our usual approaches to conversation are not wrong, but how often do we come away satisfied with the quality of our speaking and listening? How frequently have we learned something? And how many times have we felt encouraged to keep talking and go further?

This book is intended to show that compassionate conversations can happen, even when challenging, and our differences can inform and inspire us, rather than overwhelm and divide us.  If you want to learn more about Kim Loh and her co-authors and the book “Compassionate Conversations” then click here to be directed to their website. 

I hope you enjoy this informative and compelling interview with author Kim Loh.

It was an honor interviewing Jamie Reno about his life story and soon to be released and revised book entitled ” Hope Begins in the Dark: Lymphoma Survivors Tell Their Exclusive Life Stories (Revised Edition).

If you are interested in learning how to better manage Lymphoma and survive then Jamie Reno is your resource.  His years of living with Lymphoma and navigating the healthcare systems, treatments, and the psychological issues are all issues that one dealing with Lymphoma needs to know about and better understand.

Lymphoma, in all its forms, is one of the most common cancers in the US.  In this all-new edition, Jamie brings together his most diverse group of lymphoma survivors to date to share their compelling survival stories.  The people in this book, who come from all walks of life, have each taken charge of their cancer treatment.  They’ve decided to fight, with determination and compassion. Above all else, this is a book of hope.

If you want to learn more about Jamie Reno and his work as a global cancer-patient advocate and correspondent for Healthline then click here to be directed to his website.  You can also read some of the articles that he has published for Healthline by clicking here. 

I hope you enjoy this compelling interview with the author and global cancer-patient advocate Jamie Reno about his new book “Hope Begins in the Dark: Lymphoma Survivors Tell Their Exclusive Life Stories (Revised Edition).

We currently live in a world which requires much of our mental focus, we are always “on” with tremendous demands on our time and figuring out how to schedule it all in.  This scenario is all too familiar to the individuals who have worked their way up to a management position within an organization and for that matter anybody in a leadership position.

In “The Busy Leader’s Handbook” Quint explores the key leadership skills and behaviors that steller leaders tend to possess while showing what it takes for leaders to optimize employee performance.

What I found to be exceptional about this book is that it really is a “handbook”.  You can pick this book up and use it to reference almost anything you might have a question about.  The chapters are short and to the point with guidance that will help you resolve your problems.  It truly is a reference that any manager or leader should have on their desk,  as well as provide to midline managers to help better manage people and the culture of the organization.

As Quint states ” The Busy Leader’s Handbook” offers time-tested advice for creating the structure, processes, and groundwork needed to build a successful organization.  Some of the topics covered are: Reducing Workplace Drama, How Positive Recognition Changes Everything, Facing Conflict Head-on, and Becoming a Good Communicator just to name a few of the over forty-one (41) topics covered in “The Busy Leader’s Handbook”. 

If you want to learn more about the book and Quint Studer, I encourage you to visit the book website by clicking here.  Quint also writes a weekly column that is a great reference, click here for access. 

We are also providing a no-cost downloadable Tool Kit that accompanies the book with practical advice and exercises to improve your leadership skills, click here to download.  Enjoy this wonderful interview with the author and entrepreneur Quint Studer.

My guest author Allen T. Brown is truly a unique and a one of a kind individual.  His new book entitled “Dancing Through Life-Indulge Your Dreams & Pursue Lifes Possibilities” is not only the unique life story about Allen, but he provides the reader with insights about life with his wisdom of over 80 years of being on this planet.  While money was not Allen’s quest in life, he did turn 12$ into $30 million, so learn how he did it.

One of the lessons you will learn is that asking good questions is imperative to becoming a success in life.  As Allen states “The day my life began—really began–was the day I dared to ask myself a seemingly simple question that started like this: Wouldn’t it be great if I…?  The day the proverbial lights turned on for me and put me squarely at center stage in the role of my life was the day I willed my true, authentic self into existence by speaking a few words. ” 

When was the last time you heard music and started to dance, regardless of where you were?  How often do you ignore the impulse to be one with the beat withing you?  We grow up fearing so much, we not only fear what our parents will think of us, but we also end up fearing the people and things that they feared.  The result is that we wake up one day and realize we’ve spent most of our lives afraid–afraid of death, afraid of the unknown, afraid of what others think of us, afraid of life itself.  And we’ve never truly lived life at all.

If you want to learn how to truly live life and remove the fear, then listen to this interview with author and wise sage Allen T. Brown the author of a new book entitled “Dancing Through Life–Indulge Your Dreams & Pursue Life’s Possibilities.”

If you want to learn more about Allen please visit his book website by clicking here. Thanks for listening and enjoy the wisdom and spirit of author Allen T. Brown!

According to my guest author Neale Donald Walsch the author of 38 books and probably the most popular being “Conversations with God“, we’re one decision away from a solution to humanity’s biggest problem.  Do you want to know what that is?

Then you need to listen to this engaging and thought-provoking interview with Neale Donald Walsch the author of a new book entitled ” The Essential Path-Making the Daring Decision to Be Who You Truly Are.”   In our dialogue, we explore some of life’s most important questions, but probably the most important one:  Is it possible–just possible–that there’s something we don’t fully understand about ourselves, about life, and about God, the understanding of which would change everything? To Neale the answer is obvious–It is You.

If you answer to this question is yes, you’re invited to now undertake a very quick but deeply revealing explanation of everything–why things are the way they are on Earth today, when our biggest problem arose, what has blocked us from the obvious solution, and how we can dissolve the problem virtually overnight.

Alienation inevitably arises in the aftermath of ongoing citizen frustration. Citizen frustration inevitably arises in the aftermath of one going societal dysfunction. Societal dysfunction inevitably arises in the aftermath of ongoing systems failure. And that’s exactly what we’ve had here. Long-term, ongoing systemic failure.

I encourage you to listen to my interview with Neale Donald Walsch about his new book “The Essential Path-Making the Daring Decision to Be Who You Truly Are.”  To learn more about Neale Donald Walsch you can visit his website by clicking here.

Enjoy this wonderfully thought-provoking interview.

Americans are now living through the proverbial “interesting times”–times of danger and uncertainty when there is also opportunity for substantive change. Our government and institutions are in jeopardy of being overturned, but they are also being revealed for what they truly are. The political landscape is as polarized as at any time since the Civil War era and the number of hate crimes has risen. At the same time, there are emergent trends that give us hope, such as more women than ever running for office and winning.

There is not a person in American that is not feeling the tensions from the above description of what is happening in our world.

In my interview with author and thought leader Glen Aparicio Parry the author or ” Original Politics-Making American Sacred Again”  It is with this end in mind that Original Politics was written for the purpose of helping to create a whole and sacred America. To do this, it is necessary to piece together the forgotten fragments of history that are currently keeping the country divided. The most significant forgotten piece is the profound effect Native Americans had on the founding values of this nations.

If you are interested in learning a part of history that is usually not told but is so important in understanding how we could unite again and Make American Sacred Again, then you will want to listen to this interview with author Glenn Aparicio Parry about his new book “Original Politics-Making American Sacred Again

To learn more about the author please click here to be directed to his website.  You can also watch a wonderful book trailer by clicking here.

I hope you enjoy this informative and historic interview with Glenn Aparicio Parry.

I bet we are all feeling a bit more isolated since the COVID pandemic.  If you are like me many of the days feel like “Groundhogs Day”.  Isolated, and longing to make a face to face connection with another human being.

Our guest on this podcast Robert E. Hall has written a book entitled ” This Land of Strangers-The Relationship Crisis That Imperils Home, Work, Politics and Faith“.  Our issues of isolation and creating meaningful relationship was not something that just started as a result of this pandemic.   So, just how serious is our relationship decline?

As Robert states ” The first clue to plummeting values of family relationships is the significant decrease in the rate of marriage, according to Brookings Institute, married couples represented just 48% of American Households in 2010.  People increasingly are choosing single life over married life.

In a nutshell, divorce is up, marriage is down; unwed mothers are up, and very happy marriage is down; cohabitation is up and the percentage of children living with both biological parents is down.  Indeed, there is a growing recognition that anxiety that our society is playing a form of “relationship roulette” that delivers random and often dire consequences because we lack sufficient intention when it comes to relationships.”

The issues don’t just affect marriages as stated above, this relationship degradation is felt in business, friendships, and in almost every aspect of the community.  If you want to learn more about this compelling trend and what we can do about it you will not want to miss this interview with relationship expert, Robert E. Hall.

You can learn more about Robert E. Hall by clicking here, and you can visit his website by clicking here.  You can watch a short four-minute video of Robert talking about “This Land of Strangers” by clicking here.

I hope you enjoy this informative and compelling interview with Robert E. Hall.

If your summers are getting warmer, and you have experienced flooding or wildfires then most likely you can attribute these changing conditions to global warming.

If you have experienced this near your home and you think that global warming is attributing to these shifts in our environment then you won’t want to miss this interview with Stan Cox the author of a new book entitled “The Green New Deal and Beyond-Ending the Climate Emergency While We Still Can” 

“Thanks to a human-induced green house warming, the Earth’s average temperature today is about 1.2 degrees Celsius higher than it was in the pre-fossil-fuel era. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) reported in 2018 that if warming is allowed to surpass 1.5 degrees Celsius the world will risk widespread ecological destruction and human suffering,” states Cox.

Since, 2018, climate groups in the U.S. have been pushing for a Green New Deal, a plan that calls for cutting net U.S.greenhouse emissions to zero through a just transition to an economy that runs on non-fossil energy. The still-evolving plan has given the climate movement a big shot in the arm, providing a sweeping national policy initiative that millions now regard as something worth rallying around.

In this podcast interview with Stan, we explore the reason and causes as well as the opportunities we have as a country and worldwide what can be done to reduce the emissions thus reduce the overall effects of global warming.  If you have any interest in participating and doing your part to reduce or eliminate what could be a catastrophic environmental issue then you will want to listen closely to what Stan says in this podcast interview.

If you want to learn more about the book please click here, if you want to learn more about Stan Cox click here, and if you want to get involved with one of Stan’s recommended non-profit environmental group please click here to be directed to the Climate Change Initiative.