We all know that there are only two important emotions, love and fear. If we come from fear we are often coming from a position of contraction and defensiveness.  If we allow our love to be experienced we can have a lasting effect on everyone we meet and the work we passionately embrace.

This is the premise of author and my guest on this podcast Steve Farber. Steve is the author of a new book entitled “Love is Just Damn Good Business-Do What you Love in Service of People Who Love What you Do“.  As we all know love has a reputation as the softest of all topics, and is what many people think they must suppress to become successful. But the cultures of today’s leading companies suggest that the opposite is true: Love is, in fact a hardcore business principle that is essential to leading winning organizations and to elevate the customer experience to new heights.

Steve has been advocating “Love is Just Damn Good Business” for quite some time, and has gained the support of many national companies like Microsoft, Lilly and AT&T.  The most important thing is that the “love”premise is not just talk.  It can be measured and is supported by much of the data that Steve and others have collected over the years of work in his cultural transformation work.

Steve has developed a leadership model called LEAP, which stand for Love, Energy, Audacity and Proof.  When employees experience this sequence from their leaders , they become more loyal, innovative, creative and inspired.  If you want to inspire your employees with the LEAP principles, then I encourage you to listen to and apply what author and cultural transformation consultant Steve Farber is speaking about in this podcast.

You can learn more about Steve Farber and the new book by going to www.stevefarber.com.  Enjoy this great interview with author Steve Farber.

If you are a Sketchnote fan like myself, then you are not going to want to miss an opportunity to get in on the Kickstarter campaign by Mike Rohde. Mike is the gentleman who illustrated my book, “Hacking the Gap – A Journey from Intuition to Innovation and Beyond“.

I recently conducted this interview because almost anything that Mike does is worth checking out, and especially if you are a fan of Sketchnoting like myself.  If you are not a Sketchnoter but are just looking for a really high quality ideabook to springboard your ideas into products, services or whatever you are dreaming to do,  then you will want to participate in the Kickstarter campaign for the Sketchnote Ideabook.

I hope you enjoy this great interview with the idea guy Mike Rohde about this exciting new Ideabook that he has developed in conjunction with Airship Notesbooks.  Just click here to be taken to the Kickstarter video and page explaining the Ideabook and Mike’s vision behind this great Ideabook that anyone can use to capture their crazy ideas.


I would bet that there is not a person that listens to my podcasts that is not interested in being more productive.  The bigger question to be asked is what does being productive mean to you?  Is is working toward your purpose in life or checking off more of the to-do items on your daily list of things to do.

In my recent interview with author Charlie Gilkey about his new book entitled “Start Finishing-How to Go From Idea to Done” we discuss his solutions for not only staying on purpose, but getting your projects completed while maintaining a sense of simplicity and ease.

Charlie speak about your “best work” and that doing your best work neither requires you to selfishly do whatever you most want to do, nor  to be a lifelong martyr in service to other people’s needs.  It’s as if we all have some kind of tree that we’re somehow wired to enjoy planting. Your best work uniquely serves you by planting that tree and by the fruit it yields while simultaneously serving other by your doing so.”

Charlie states that there are five keys to doing our best work: intention, awareness, boundaries, courage and discipline.  These five keys can be cultivated through practices and we’re often well-cultivated in some but not others.  The more you practice the keys, the easier it will be to start finishing your best work and thrive. The keys are the obstacle and the way to your best work, depending on what you choose to practice.

If you are like me and have too many projects and frequently need direction, focus and support then listening to Charlie in our podcast about his new book “Start Finishing-How to Go From Idea to Done” will really set you on the right path.  You also will want to visit his website which is filled with free downloads, tools and videos about how Charlie can help you “Start Finishing“.

Click here to be directed to Charlie’s website at ProductiveFlourishing.com.

I know you are going to enjoy this engaging and informative interview with author and productivity guru Charlie Gilkey.


Cultural transformation is an important subject for any mid-sized organization, because when you have a thriving, engaged workforce you have a company that is innovative and is usually profitable.  In my recent interview with author and cultural transformation consultant Jason Richmond we discuss his new book entitled “Culture Spark-5 Steps to Ignite and Sustain Organizational Growth”.

In our podcast together Jason discusses his model for assisting an organization in understanding their culture, what might be missing from the cultural formula and how to fix the issues that keep a company from performing with exceptional leadership, innovation and creativity.

There are five phases to Jason’s model and theory, the first is to define the culture, the second is to diagnose the culture, the third is to plan and the fourth is to measure how the culture is performing and finally to sustain the newly developed culture and help embed the new principles into the DNA of the organization.

As Jason states in Culture Spark – “We’ve all hear it a thousand time: Our people are our most important asset. But there are some issues with that mantra. Most companies don’t act like they mean it and their employees know it. And it isn’t quite true anyway.  Just having people in seats, on the road, or on the manufacturing floor will not make good things happen for you.”

If you are looking for good things to happen within your business I encourage you to listen to this podcast with author Jason Richmond.  I also encourage you to go visit his website and get the free tools that Jason offers. You can access www.culturespark.io by clicking here.

Enjoy this great interview with author and consultant Jason Richmond about his new book “Culture Spark“.

In my personal estimation having a budget is a good thing.  You might ask why?  Because if you have every had any personal financial challenges, like I have you begin to value the budget tool as your friend.  It makes you accountable, it helps you understand better the inflow and outflow of your resources.

In my recent interview with Jesse Mecham the author of a new book entitled “You Need a Budget-The Proven System for Breaking the Paycheck-to-Paycheck Cycle, Getting out of Debt, and Living the Life You Want” we explore the four rules and the pillars of a tried and true system that keeps you engaged with your money.  Following these rules, you’ll learn to adjust your habits, become proactive and ultimately control your finances.

Jesse’s four simple rules to completely revolutionize the way you think about managing your money are: 1) Give every dollar a job 2) Embrace your true expenses 3) Roll with the punches and 4) Age your money.  In our interview Jesse explains what these four simple rules mean, but through his system and philosophy Jesse in conjunction with the cloud-based software system entitled “You Need a Budget”  has helped thousands of people get out of debt and manage their money which equates to a happier and less stressful life.

I hope you will join Jesse and I as we discuss how you can create your personal lifestyle design blueprint. It’s a working plan for taking your life from where you are now to where you really want to be.

To learn more about Jesse, and his software called “You Need a Budgetclick the link.  To learn more about his book to help you design your budget please click here.

If you are questioning your entire interconnectedness to all beings in the world, and the associated synchronicities that occur as a result of our human interconnectedness then you are going to want to listen carefully to my interview with Dr. Stephen Post about his new book entitled “God and Love on Route 80-The Hidden Mystery of Human Connectedness“.

God and Love on Route 80 is Stephen’s remarkable true story of faith, love and fate. Compelled by persistent and mysterious dream of a blue angel, Stephen leaves behind his family and friends and routine life in New Hampshire in favor of thumbing a ride across the content on a spontaneous road trip adventure. This journey culminates in an extraordinary encounter that turns out to be only the beginning of Stephen’s spiritual odyssey.

“God and Love on Route 80” explores the meaning of life connected by graceful synchronicities. In an account animated by deep intuition, Stephen interprets his incredible experience as guidance from God’s compelling proof of humanity’s fundamental unity.

If you are seeking to understand more about your spiritual life, and want to find more meaning and purpose for your existence then you will want to read his new book and listen to my interview with Dr. Stephen Post about his compelling personal story and how he has found some of the hidden mysteries of our human connectedness.

To learn more about Dr. Stephen Post and his work you can visit his website by clicking here or go to his non profit website called UnlimitedLoveInstitute.org by clicking the link.  I hope you enjoy this spiritual story about how you too can find more meaning, purpose and love in your life.

Relationship building is at the foundation of becoming a successful marketer or salesperson, for that matter is a required skill of just about anyone wanting to make a deep human connections. In my interview with Zvi Band the author of a new book entitled “Success is in Your Sphere-Leverage the Power of Relationships to Achieve Your Business Goals” we discuss the power of building relationships, and what is required to maintain the lifeblood of our business.

Zvi sites scientific research to affirm that professional relationships are, in fact, a crucial yet fading asset, and humans aren’t naturally predisposed to be good at maintaining them, especially in light of technological advancements disrupting who and how we engage.  In “Success is in Your Sphere” Zvi presents practical steps to build a functional  connected network, revealing how to differentiate contacts from relationships; when it pays to automate your actions; how to add meaningful personalization, stand out and stay connected in a way that genuine; the impact of simply saying thank you; how to measure your investment, track leading indicators and outcomes and the importance of being clear with people about what you’re asking for.

If you are interested in knowing the steps in building great relationships you don’t want to miss this interview with Zvi Band as he discusses the tools he calls CAPITAL strategy for managing and optimizing your relationship consistency.  If you want to learn more about “Success is in Your Sphereplease click here to be directed to Zvi’s website.

Enjoy this inspiring interview with author Zvi Band.

Have you ever read a parable that just resonates with you?  One where the story is something that you can tell others and be excited by the message?  In my recent interview with Damon West the co-author of a new little book entitled “The Coffee Bean” we discuss not only Damon’s interesting background but the parable that changed his life.

You see Damon was an ex-felon who has turned a new leaf and is inspiring people worldwide with his message of hope, and determination through this wonderful story about the coffee bean.  I don’t want to ruin the message that Damon tells in our podcast together, so you will have to listen.  All you need to know to peak your interest is will you decide to be a carrot, an egg, or a coffee bean?

If you want to learn more about the book and the authors, please visit coffeebeanbook.com.  You can also learn more about Damon West by visiting his personal website, damonwest.org. If you want to know about Jon Gordon the co-author with Damon, just jongordon.com.

Thanks for listening, I hope you enjoy this compelling and engaging interview with Damon West.

As much as we multitask and we are lovers of our devices and feel like we’re in control, deep down we know that something is off. Shortened attentions spans, declines in critical thinking, lack of sleep, self-doubt, and decreased creativity are just some of the effects coming to light in an age of digital distraction. However we might define success and happiness, our ability to make progress toward those goals has gone astray.

“It’s time to reclaim our lives. It’s time to take control” according to Brian Solis the author of his eighth books and a digital anthropologist who came to his own awakening by writing this book  entitled “Life Scale – How to Live a more Creative, Productive, and Happy Life.

In my interview with Brian we navigate much of what he refers to as  “Life Scale” and the areas of focus related to Life Scaling such as realizing, awakening, refocusing, believing, reconsidering, reorienting, values, purpose, liberation, silence, energization, diving in and visualizing. All of these elements make up content that is presented in a compelling and unique way for the reader to easily understand, work with and make important life changing decisions.

The life scaling journey is not about the finish line, it is about being a continuous learner by applying new ways of knowing, loving yourself, and what truly matters to you on your life scaling adventure. As you move through each step of this process, you’re charting a path that will keep sparking your imagination and inspiring brighter futures and meaningful outcomes.  Creativity becomes the stuff of your life. It’s how to think. It’s what you see in front of you, what you imagine and in your mind’s eye.  It’s how you express yourself.

If you are on your own Life Scaling adventure and are questioning your life and purpose, then you will certainly want to listen to my podcast with author and digital anthropologist Brian Solis.  His podcast with me is engaging, informative and will most certainly alter the course of your life if you take the steps that Brain advocates in his book “Life Scale”.

Enjoy the great interview and for more information about the book and some free resources please click here.