We all could be better problem solvers, and rely as much on our intuition as well as a skill set that can be learned and practiced to hone our skills as better problem solvers.

In my recent interview with author Charles Conn we discuss his new co-authored book with Robert McLean entitled ” Bulletproof Problem Solving-The One Skill that Changes Everything“.   Charles states that there are seven steps to becoming a better at problem solver and they are: 1) Defining the Problem 2) Disaggregate 3) Prioritize 4) Workplan 5) Analyze 6) Synthesize 7) Communicate.

As Charles states great problem solving has never been more important for business and society. The problem facing humankind are larger, more complex, and moving faster than ever before. Modern organization now rely on nimble, iterative problem solving, rather than traditional planning processes.

In “Bulletproof Problem Solving” presents compelling case studies of how the seven step approach has been used effectively on cracking complexity and developing sound solutions to very complex problems. This seven step framework is robust and adaptable to addressing a wide range of personal, work and societal problems.

If you want to learn how to become a better problem solver you can visit Amazon to acquire the book, or you can learn more about Charles Conn by visiting Oxford Science Innovation.  Thanks for listening, I know you will enjoy this interview with author Charles Conn.

We are all looking for simple truths for a better life–for example ” If People Don’t Like You For Who You Are, Change the People Not Yourself”.  That certainly is a bit of great advice.

In my recent interview with Humble the Poet (also known as Kenwer Singh) we discuss his newly released book entitled ” Unlearn-101 Simple Truths For a Better Life“.  In our interview together you will be exposed to some of the wisdom contained in the book, and also a bit about Humble the Poet’s background.

In “Unlearn” Humble the Poet encourages us to open our eyes to our own life and in the process helps us address the challenges that prevent us from realizing our dreams and recognize all the possibilities that await us. We have a tendency to make up stories about ourselves that are not true, like “I am not good enough” or “I don’t deserve this or that” – then we begin to believe the constant mind chatter (which is usually our ego) and we caught in patterns of behavior and beliefs that don’t serve our better good.

As Humble the Poet states “The more of the bullshit we let go, the more room we can look inward to find the things we’re authentically and enthusiastic about.” This book is a true treasure chest of very short axioms that you can live by.  It is an easy read, and every other page has more wisdom and insights that open your mind to what is possible – not what is impossible.

If you want to learn more about Humble the Poet you can go to a recent talk he did for Google by clicking here.  I hope you enjoy this wonderful interview with Humble the Poet (also known as Kenwer Singh) as we discuss his new book “Unlearn“.

Intuition is always something that I have had a interest in developing more keenly. I believe it is a sense we have been gifted with, that when tapped into can help us make critical decisions in our life.

In my recent interview with Rick Snyder the author of “Decisive Intuition-Use Your Gut Instincts to Make Smart Business Decisions” we discussed in this podcast the importance of developing your intuition.   In the business world we are increasingly relying on data to make our biggest decisions, including hiring, growth, product development, and sales. Rick believes that we need not just rely on just big data to make our decisions, but include our sense of intuition.

In this interview Rick and I discuss the six steps process that is outlined in the book to help business executives harness their intuition.  We also discuss the five (5) roadblocks that get in the way of accessing our intuitive intelligence and how to overcome them. “Decisive Intuition” is a practical guide which includes exercises that managers and their teams can implement to harness intuition and grow the most underdeveloped skill set in today’s business world. Rick refers to organizations that have developed the organizational intuition as having the invisible edge, because they are using intuitive skills in every aspect of their business to make sound decisions.

If you are interested in learning more about Rick Snyder and his organization Invisible Edge, please visit his website. You will also find more information about this new book as well as how Rick can help your firm develop this underdeveloped skill – intuition.

Thanks for listening, and enjoy this podcast with author and thought leader on developing intuition.

Do you feel stuck and can’t seem to get out of the rut you created for yourself?  The reality is the we are Limitless, and all is takes is for us to realize our own potential.

In my recent interview with Laura Gassner Otting about her new book entitled “Limitless-How to Ignore Everybody, Carve Your Own Path, and Live Your Best Life” we discuss her solutions for getting out of a rut and getting unstuck.  According to Laura “Consonance” is the issue, and she has four element of consonance.  Consonance is the sense of frictionless belonging, of momentous stride, of core relevance.  It is a guiding force that reveals how your work contributes to your overall life’s plan.

There are four elements to have consonance are calling, connection, contribution and control.  Calling is the gravitational pull towards a goal larger than yourself. Connections gives you sightlines into how your everyday work serves that calling. Contribution means that you understand how this job, this brand, this paycheck contributes to the community to which you belong. Control, reflects how you are able to influence your connection to that calling in order to have some say in the assignment of projects, deadlines, colleagues, and clients;offer input into shared goals; and do work that contributes to your career trajectory and earnings.

In this interview Laura and I discuss how working on these four element creates alignment and will create an opportunity to reach your highest potential.  If you want to learn more about Laura and her new book “Limitless” just click here.  You can also take a free Limitless Quiz which will provide you with information on how to get unstuck.

I hope you enjoy the great interview with author Laura Gassner Otting.



Are you ready to listen to a really compelling story about leadership and business?  Do you like learning through the fiction, and like becoming engaged with a great story?

In my interview with Ron Price and Stacy Ennis the authors of a new book entitled “Growing Influence” you learn about how to become a great leader and to increase your influence by hearing Emily’s story about her mentorship by a character named David, who is a retired CEO that she meets in a coffee shop.

Through the course of the book, David teaches Emily much about influence and leadership. David provides practical advice on how to develop leadership skills that are both impactful and transformative.  If you want to take a check of your own values, and how you might do a better job of influencing others that work with you then you will want to listen to our podcast.

If you want more information about “Growing Influence” please click here to be directed to the book landing page.  If you want to learn more about Ron Price and Stacy Ennis the authors of “Growing Influence” then click here.

I hope you enjoy this great interview with Ron and Stacy.

We all are attempting to create wealth, savings and plan for our futures.  The biggest challenges we all have is the issue of having enough, or knowing when enough is enough.

In my recent interview with author John Christianson about his new book “Wealth Creator’s Playbook-A Guide to Maximizing Your Return on Life and Money” we explore those issues and the responsibility of managing our money now and into the future.   What I appreciate about John’s philosophy is that wealth is a gift that involves practical, psychological, and spiritual stewardship.  Wealth creators desperately need advice they can trust to maximize, not just manage the gift of wealth.  John encourages self-work, motivating readers to redefine the traditional definitions of success, happiness and fulfilment.  He suggests that success is measured not just by the amount of money you have, but by the kind of person you become–through relationships, the empathy and the generosity you snow to others.

If you want to learn more about the “Wealth Creator’s Playbookplease go to John’s website at by clicking here. You can also listen to John’s podcasts by clicking here. 

I hope you enjoy this great interview with John Christianson.


The majority of the nation’s workforce hates their job, and these employees could be working in your organization.   I know many of you have heard this statistic before, but really we need to wake up.  If over 70% of the workforce hate their jobs what is the problem and why do the hate their job?

In my recent interview with Dudley Slater about his new book “Fusion Leadership-Unleashing the Movement of Monday Morning Enthusiasts” we discuss the reason behind the problem and provide some solutions.  Dudley squarely lays some of the blame for this shocking phenomenon at the doors of leaders. When their selfish actions diminish the effectiveness of their teams, they commit the ultimate failure in leadership states Slater.  The leadership tools and techniques articulated in this book can fundamentally change the bleak reality.

Fusion Leadership” provides compelling stories from other leaders and CEO’s that have implemented the Fusion Leadership philosophy to change the culture of organizations.  These stories provide the reader insights into problems while providing simple leadership principles such as transparency, honesty, and vision that transform the culture of an organization.

One of the amazing benefits of Fusion Leadership is that you can nurture collective creativity with a team of people, that can be in the form of problem solving.

I hope you enjoy hearing the stories that are teaching tools from other leaders on how they transformed their organizations.

If you want to learn more about Fusion Leadership, you can click here to be directed to the books website.   You can click here to watch a short video on the benefits of applying the Fusion Leadership principles.  Enjoy this interview with Dudley Slater about Fusion Leadership.

We all need a plan to get ourselves motivated and inspired to change our lives.  We get stuck, depressed and live with uncertainty not know what tomorrow will bring.  If you want a plan, a process and focus to remove you from your despondent feelings about yourself or the world, then listening too and applying the strategies that author Jason Valadao MD talks about his new book entitled ” Exceptional Every Day” –will lift your spirits and provide you with the tools to change and transform your life and while making those changes permanent.

Jason has developed something called “The Process” this enables you to create and achieve personal goals by helping you understand how to prioritize what is meaningful to you, how to allocate your time appropriately, and maximize your productivity.  One of the most compelling elements about my podcast is hearing about Jason’s own inspirational personal stories, his personal pain, and suffering and his rise from success and significance.

Jason is an exceptional person (period)!  Jason created the “Process Checklist”, so you the reader will have a simple and easy to use template in how to transform your life.

He starts with “You”, “Your Why”, “Your One Thing”, “Your Daily Table” and has a 10 action steps that engage the reader in creating their “Process Map”.  Exceptional Every Day will not only transform your mindset and thinking but it can inspire you to change what is not working for you in your life.  I hope you enjoy this wonderful interview with Jason Valadao MD about his new book Exceptional Every Day.

If you want to learn more about the book, author and please click here to be taken to Jason’s website, you can also watch a trailer about the book by clicking here.  Enjoy this exceptional interview with a great author!

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Jess Lederman the author of a new book entitled ” Hearts Set Free“, a novel with three great stories compelling the readers to look inside at the pain and suffering of the characters in the stories with the intention of having the reader relate, understand and wake up to what their life would like if they had more faith in God their life.

“Hearts Set Free” is a epic work of historical fiction that begins in the Alaska Territory in 1925, as a boy and his mother go in search of the man who abandoned them for a beautiful woman, and continues into the present day. It’s a riveting tale of men and women who journey from the darkness of doubt to triumphant faith, and from the ache of loneliness to everlasting love.

Jess Lederman’s story is that his wife was given on two years to live when she was diagnosed with ALS.  They moved from Dallas Texas to a small town in Alaska, where they read Christian classics and looked out on the glory of God’s creation.  Yet, only a few year before he and his wife had been fervent atheists, smugly sure that God did not exist.

If you are questioning your faith in “God” and that he might not exist because of a personal pain or tragedy that you have not been able to resolve, then reading “Hearts Set Free” will renew you faith and will help you rekindle your relationship with God.  I hope you enjoy my interview with author Jess Lederman about his new book “Hearts Set Free”.

You can click this link to be taken to his website for more information about his teaching, books and blog.

Here is a link to a trailer video about Hearts Set Free which will provide you peak into the stories within the book. 

Enjoy this interview with author Jess Lederman.