“A quiet mind is a peaceful mind not burdened by negative chatter and unwanted interruptions. A quiet mind if the platform for creating an epic life, states Matthew Ferry the author of a new book entitled “Quiet Mind, Epic Life.

Many of us are in search for a more peaceful and abundant life, but frequently find that the traditional rhetoric that is espoused by personal growth gurus is not helping us get any closer to our desired state of consciousness. Author Matthew Ferry helps his readers and coaching clients attain what he refers to as the “Rapid Enlightenment Process” – “Enlightenment is not a religion, enlightenment is a mindset, it’s a very practical way of looking at the world that makes fearlessness possible. When you see see that the source of life within you is also the source of life in everyone and everything else, then you see that we are all one thing expressing itself with infinite variety…the only thing that makes us different is our perspective about it. Once you realize this you will have an awakening!”

Enlightenment is the state of consciousness where Quiet Mind, Epic Life exists. The Rapid Enlightenment Process is a series of contextual shifts that destroy cultural conditioning, limiting dogma and unexamined beliefs and replaces them with new enlightened dogma aka Enlightened Perspectives. If you are seeking for a better way to quiet your mind and live the epic life you deserve, then you will want to listen to the engaging and informative interview with Matthew Ferry.

If you want to learn more about Matthew Ferry and his new book “Quiet Mind, Epic Life” then visit his website here. Matthew is so certain about what he has developed that you can take advantage of his free book offer by clicking here, all you have to pay is the cost of shipping.


Let’s face it if you have ever led or managed people – no matter the situation – you have made mistakes.  If you can live up to your management mistakes and better understand how to correct your inadequacies and become vulnerable, you then become transparent and a better leader. This action does not show your weakness, it shows your strength.

In my interview with EVP of Franklin Covey and the author of his new book “Management Mess to Leadership Success“, Scott Miller explains how in his leadership roles he personally has made plenty of mistakes and blunders; but when he took the time to better understand what was required of him to become a better leader for the people he was responsible for engaging, they enjoyed working with him and were in alignment with his vision and directions.

In his book “Management Mess to Leadership Success” Scott provides with reader with thirty (30) challenges — one for each day of the month.  These 30 challenges are organized into three parts “Lead Yourself”, “Lead Others” and “Get Results”.  Some of those thirty day challenges include: demonstrating humility, thinking abundantly, listening first and declaring your intent just to name a few.

If you are a leader and looking to improve your skills you will certainly want to read “Management Mess to Leadership Success” by author Scott Miller.  You can learn more about the book and the author by clicking here to be directed to the book website.

I know you will enjoy this very engaging interview with author and EVP of Franklin Covey, Scott Miller.

We all are aware that our world today is moving at a very fast pace, and that it seems hard not to be affected by the negative news that circulates all around us. If you don’t listen to the news that is wonderful– but the key it to prevent from being caught up in the energy of others around us who want to engage in negative conversations about their purview of the world. No matter what your situation is, it is easy to see what violence, greed and hatred are doing to the world around us.

In my recent interview with author Tim Desmond about his new book entitled “How to Stay Human in a F*cked Up World” we discuss the challenges we all face, and how better to deal with them through the practices of mindfulness. As Tim states in the book “When life is fucked up, it’s so easy to believe that nothing good exists – or even if it did, it wouldn’t matter. However, if you only pay attention to what’s bad in your life, you will inevitably end up exhausted and overwhelmed, because experiences of joy are the fuel that we need in order to be present with suffering.”

There is a subtle art of learning how to be present with suffering in a way that won’t overwhelm you.  Through the personal stories that Tim shares and the stories of others, “How to Stay Human in a F*ucked Up World” provides the reader with a new perspective about how to look at the circumstances of the world, and see suffering as a way through the pain to an enlightened viewpoint.

I know you are going to enjoy this interview with Tim Desmond, you can learn more about the book by clicking here to be directed to Tim’s website.

Grace is a word that many of us don’t use or hear much anymore. There are many definitions but the one I like the most is that “grace is a state of sanctification enjoyed through divine assistance”. No matter which definition you prefer author John Baldoni writes about how leaders should embrace grace to become better leaders, and to use “grace” for self-improvement.

John has a great acronym for GRACE and it is:
G=generosity, the will to do something for others,
R=respect, the dignity of life and work,
A=action the mechanism for change,
C=compassion, the concern for others,
E=energy, the spirit that catalyzes people.

Grace – A Leader’s Guide to a Better Us is a book that is filled with stories based on interviews that John conducted with leaders such as Stephen M.R. Covey, Alan Mulally, Skip Prichard and Sally Helgesen to celebrities like Aretha Franklin and Fred Rogers.  Through the stories told, you will learn that there is no mystery to being less self-centered and more people centered.

All of these leaders practice certain principles such as: 1) thinking positively as a means of doing positively for others, 2)looking for ways to be kind to others, without expecting anything in return, 3)seeking to understand before passing judgement, 4) knowing that the search for motive can be an excuse for finding blame, determining the needs of others as a means of discovering purpose, and 5) looking to promote what is good and dispense with what is harmful.

As John states “Purpose emerges from the why of what we do, and grace enables ‘the how’ of what we do. Grace facilitates better work relationships, improved productivity and ultimately higher levels of trust.”

If you are a leader within your organization I would recommend listening to this great interview with author John Baldoni. If you want to learn more about Grace-A Leader’s Guide to a Better Us then click here to be directed to his website.

I hope you enjoy this wonderful interview with an author that practices what he writes about–Grace.

When we seek the opportunity to grow personally,  we have the choice to accomplish this in so many different ways.  I personally have found when you commune with nature, it gives one the opportunity to clear their mind and move into a heightened sense of awareness about the world around them.

In my interview with Irene O’Garden about her new book entitled “Risking the Rapids-How My Wilderness Adventure Healed My Childhood“, Irene takes us on a journey down the rapids of the Flathead River of Montana with her family to heal from the emotional from the death her brother John.  This trip turns into more than just a float trip which is what Irene and her entire family though it would be. The circumstance that they found themselves, in including the capsizing of the rafts through unexpected very rough waters, is what transformed Irene’s life forever.

Irene’s family was not perfect, she grew up in somewhat of a dysfunctional home with her father being an alcoholic and her mother not being present emotionally for the children.

As Irene writes so eloquently in her book “A family is a landscape of its own, as granted as the earth and trees: a wild ecology of feelings, unique in balance, particular of circulation. Each element’s essential in landscape: none moved, removed without a subtle or drastic change. No force shines from the landscape–all times and change carried off by elemental forces which transform the hardest of substances to soft. Patterns marked in rock, in soil, in surface give a landscape it identity. Emotion is the weather of the family, patterning the faces, the voices and the hearts”.

If you are seeking to understand the dynamics of your family, and to get in touch with your emotions, I would recommend that you listen to this interview with Irene O’Garden.  If you want to learn more about her book Risking the Rapids, please click here to be directed to her website.

I hope you enjoy this heartfelt interview with author Irene O’Garden.


Leadership is a big deal these days, or should I say the lack of leadership that I see in so many places. Really the problem it is the ability of the firms that under performing leaders work for, to spend the resources of both time and money helping their leaders grow and prosper as effective heart centered leaders.

In this interview with Bob Anderson the founder of Leadership Circle, and the co-author of several books on the subject we speak with him about his book Mastering Leadership.  It took Bob and his partner Bill Adams years to develop and research the content that went into the integrated framework and assessment tools they have developed; which are the leading tools being used today to develop effective high performing leaders.

As our world has become more complex and the problem that leaders need to solve become challenging; and the speed at which they need to be solved increases, it takes a new mindset and an ability to use critical thinking and problem solving skills while at the same time knowing how to deal with multiple personalities in the process.

There are four (4) foundational premises that make up the model of the Leadership Circle and they are 1) Structure determines performance 2) You are a structure 3) Consciousness is the operating system of performance 4) To achieve higher performance, you must be restructured.  The level of maturity of your individual leaders and collective IOS must be more than a match for the complexity of the challenges you face. Consciousness must evolve to a high level of complexity to meet the complexity of today’s business states Anderson.

If you want to learn more about the book please click here to be directed to the website.  If you want to know more about the assessment tools offered by Leadership Circle please click here.  I hope you enjoy the very engaging and informative discussion with leadership expert Bob Anderson and the author of Mastering Leadership.

Another podcast on selling–you bet ya!  We can never learn enough about the psychology behind the people that we sell, or the people that sell to us–right?  In this interview with Jennifer Gluckow the author of a new book entitled ” Sales in a New York Minute” we discuss how to become a better salesperson and thrive instead of just “make it in sales”.  Most successful people are a believers in a routine because this sets the tone for the day. What is your routine and how does it help you set the tone for your day?

Jennifer says to clear your mind of clutter from your to-dos, start happy, check in with yourself, and use attitude antioxidants such as taking a bath, shower, listen to music, meditating, go for a walk, work out or whatever helps you get in the right mood and attitude.  We also discussed how negativity blocks our creativity, and we all know that being creative in sales is one of the element that provide us with an edge.  The more you can stay peaceful and in self control, the more great ideas you’re going to have in a creative New York Minute states Jennifer.

I love what Jennifer says about the subconscious mind, “Goals are intentions to achieve. When you wake up in the morning subconsciously, you have already made a decision about what you are going to do that day.  Those are your intentions. If you can combine your intentions with your goals that you have set, then the actions that you take will lead you to achievement.  Your actions are not just intentions, they’re your choices, and only you make those choices.

I encourage you to listen to and take notes on what Jennifer is speaking about in this interview. I also recommend that you click on this link to get some of her free downloads, you will be really impressed with the quality of the content and what you will learn from it.

If you want to make more sales, more easily then get “Sales in a New York Minute” it is a must ready for any salesperson on a quest to improve their process, leading to an enriched life as a salesperson.

Enjoy this great interview with author, podcaster, and sales trainer Jennifer Gluckow.  Also listen to her podcast show called “Sell or Die” just click this link.


I have interviewed Jeffrey Gitomer previously for a book he wrote for the Napoleon Hill Foundation entitled “Truthful Living“.  I have know of Jeffrey’s phenomenal sales training business for quite sometime so I asked him to be a guest again on Inside Personal Growth to speak about his books “Little Red Book of Selling“, “Little Gold Book of Yes Attitude” and “Sales Manifesto“.

Needless to say Jeffrey has written many book on sales and selling, but in our interview together we distill down some the the salient points that all salespeople should be mindful of and practice.  In this interview we speak about some of the 12.5 principles of sales greatness like networking, creativity, removing the negative self-talk and much more.

I also spend time covering some of the concepts in another great book ” Little Gold Book of Yes Attitude”.  Here we discuss that the most important person in the world is you, and it is all about your “Yes Attitude”.  As Jeffrey states ” positive attitude has nothing to do with what happens to you.  It’s what you do with, and how you react to, what happens to you”  A positive attitude is attractive and contagious, your mood can be picked up upon by your customers and it it important to be mindful of your mood.

So you say that there is nothing as a salesperson that I have not heard before, and that might be so.  But you can never hear this positive reinforcement enough. ” People who are cocky and arrogant say ‘I know that’ and move along.  People who are confident and positive ask themselves, ‘How good am I at that?’  and seek to improve.

If you are someone who wants to improve please listen to our podcast, you will be able to pick out gems of wisdom.  If you want to dive further, listen to Jeffrey & Jennifer’s podcast called “Sell or Die”, just click the link.

You can also go to Jeffrey’s website to learn more about his books, trainings and get free downloads.  

Enjoy this great interview with Jeffrey Gitomer one of the best sales trainers in the world!

Recently I had been having lots of aches and pains in my body to the degree that I needed to go see a couple of healing touch therapists–one was a physical therapist and the other was a massage therapists.  I am a believer that what manifest in our body is a result of events and or circumstances that upset us emotionally to a degree that we end up with physical pain.

In my case if was the lost of two of my best friends, Juno and Buster our labrador’s that had been members of the family for over 12 years, and they both died within 4 months of one another.  No matter what your ache or pain, it most likely is associated with something emotionally that you are not dealing with or don’t know how to cope with.

In my interview with Barbara Savin the premient teacher of hand-on healing with discuss her new book “Gentle Energy Touch-A Beginner’s Guide to Hands-On Healing”, we discuss the techniques that you can learn and apply to helping you deal with your pains that are probably associated with your emotional upset.  Gentle Energy Touch works on a wide array of conditions and produces long-lasting results.  It helps to release blocked energy associated with various issues such as smoking cessation, weight loss/weight gain, anxiety and depression.  Gentle Energy Touch calms the mind, promotes self-awareness, improves your mental clarity and focus, promotes positive thinking and removes barriers that hold you back in life.

As Barbars state in her book “Gentle Energy Touch”, “all healing depends on allowing the free flow of ki by opening the chakras. Everything in the universe is composed of energy and vibrates at a particular frequency and our chakras can be pushed out of balance by all sorts of things.”  If you want to learn how to balance your energy, and heal what is causing your pains then you won’t want to miss this interview with Barbara Savin.

You can find out more about her book, free downloads and teachings by clicking here to access her website.  Enjoy this great interview with a really passionate spiritual teacher of the healing arts, Barbara Savin.