Thousands of families that are being affected by the fact that someone in the family has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.  Five and a half million people are living with the disease right now, and it is the sixth leading cause of death in the United States.  While advancements are being made with better medications to treat the disease, we still have the unsurmountable costs for caring for loved ones not to mention the additional physical and emotional strain that caring for someone with this disease can create.

In my interview with Rosalys Peel the author of a new book entitled ” Mike & Me-An Inspiring Guide for Couples who Choose to Face Alzheimer’s Together at Home.”   Rosalys and I discuss how she coped with being able to be the primary caregiver for her husband Mike who had Alzheimer’s disease for over ten years before he passed away.

She provides insights and on how to manage as a caregiver, as well as she gives hope for caregivers who may have lost all hope and want to throw in the towel.  She gives hope, and this book is a wonderful guide and resource for anyone dealing with Alzheimer’s patients.

Rosalys learned how to deal with Mike’s disease, and during the process of care giving continued to do the quote “normal” activities of life, like raising grandchildren, taking vacations and kept the flame of romance going in the relationship.

Obviously the task was difficult, but Rosalys provides simple yet poignant advice and guidance to ease the burden you will most likely be faced with.

Please listen to this podcast if you are faced with the challenge of caring with a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease.  You can check out  Mike & Me by clicking here.

Enjoy this great podcast with author Rosalys Peel.


Everyone is searching for more peace, purpose and freedom in their lives and in my interview with author Cindy Henson we explore her personal journey to seeking these qualities in her life.

In her new book entitled ” Jungle: A Journey to Peace, Purpose and Freedom” Cindy guides the reader through a very personal story that confronts many of the issues that many of us face in obtaining a more sane and fulfilling life.  There is just one twist, Cindy was driven to change her life because she spent years trying to figure out what mysterious ailments were trying to end her life. From doctor to doctor, she spent what seemed a lifetime attempting to figure what was happening to her body.

Cindy’s personal story with the struggles with her health, almost dying to then finding peace by going back to school in Costa Rica at the United Nations University for Peace where she obtained her master’s degree in International Peace and Conflict Studies and Peace Education.   It was a UPEACE that Cindy turned the corner and her physical strength and stamina were at an all time high. She felt the best she had felt in a long time with her daily practice of meditation and long walks in the beauty of the campus in Costa Rica.

Cindy provides practical advice and questions to ponder our lives and what we really desire to be at peace,  at the end of each chapter.  These questions of inquiry are designed to get the reader to ponder a life of greater peace, purpose and freedom.  They make us get real about our life, and find out what really makes us more content.

As Cindy writes “Receiving a another degree was not nearly as important to me as the entirely new way of life.  I still could not believe my good fortune for the opportunity to quit a corporate job that was literally killing me and attend the University for Peace that attracted world leaders in peach and amazing humans from around the globe.”

I encourage you to listen carefully to Cindy as we discuss her new book “Jungle: A Journey to Peace, Purpose and Freedom“– and if you want to learn more about her book please click here to be directed to her website and blog.

Hey, Maybe it’s’ You–you must admit this is a great title for a book dealing with all of our personal crap, excuses and reason for not becoming who we can really become.

So what is stopping us?  Great question, and in my interview with author Lauren Zander about her new book entitled “Maybe it’s You, Cut the Crap. Face Your Fears. Love Your Life” we really get down to brass tacks about the real issues.   This is a no bars, authentic, get in your face interview.

What I love about Lauren is that she only knows how to tell the truth, and while this requires being vulnerable, open and raw that is what we all need to do.  We need to let others around us understand our pains, needs and desires, and in turn we hope they will share what is on their mind with us so we can cultivate better more loving and compassionate relationships.

I discussed a very sensitive issue with Lauren and that is something she called “personal integrity”. Just why is it that the ability to make and keep a promise to ourselves is so hard. How is it that we will keep promises with others, but more than not break promises with ourselves.  As Lauren puts it we are out of alignment with our heart, mind and body. When we can keep a promise to ourselves, we can become proud, and we can trust our decisions. Happiness, self-esteem and personal pride come from knowing you can count on you.

Lauren’s new book is filled with great advice, including helping us learn how to dream again.  As a matter of fact having people write down their dreams is one of the first exercises in the book and is bound to get you excited and engaged in learning more about how you can fulfill your wildest dreams.

If you want to learn more about Lauren you can click here to go to her website, she is also offering what is referred to as “The Current Reality Quiz” just click the link to get access.  You also can get a no-obligation consultation by clicking here.

I hope you enjoy this lively interview with author Lauren Handel Zander.


There are some simple principles that everyone should know when it comes to “Bringing Your Whole Self to Work.” In my interview with author Mike Robbins about his new book entitled “Bring Your Whole Self to Work” we discuss the elements of authenticity and vulnerability and how knowing the importance of being vulnerable  and humble can go a long way when it comes to job performance and engagement.

As Mike states self-righteousness separates us from others and negatively impacts our work environment.  One of the things that makes authenticity challenging is the way we cling to our self-righteousness and avoid vulnerability, that we worry about damaging our credibility. We erroneously think that somehow being right and covering up any perceived weakness, flaw or insecurity will give us credibility with others.

Authenticity is the foundation of bringing our whole selves to work. When we have the courage to be authentic, not only does it liberate us, but it also gives us the ability to inspire and empower others.

If you want to learn more about the five (5) simple principles, then listen to my interview with Mike Robbins the author of ” Bring Your Whole Self to Work“.  Mike is also the author of several other books, and to learn more about his previous works, please click here to be directed to his website.

I hope you enjoy my interview with author Mike Robbins.

I can bet that most people who listen to my podcast program are looking for ways to attract more abundance into their lives, be it partnerships, resources, money, happiness, health, love and the list goes on.

In my podcast interview with author Derek Rydall we discuss his new book entitled ” The Abundance Project-40 Days to More Wealth, Health, Love and Happiness“.   What Derek reveals is that their are basic abundance activators, and these transformative concepts allow you to unlock your “inner storehouse of riches”.   We discuss many of these activators, but they include: Giving Out, Giving Away, Giving Up, Giving In, Giving Thanks, Giving to Yourself, and Forgiving.

Derek offers time-tested systems for activating “The Abundance Principles, which frees us from the belief that outer conditions determine our life and empowers us to achieve our dreams from the inside out.  Not matter what your personal circumstance or challenge there are easy steps you can take toward generating real-world abundance in every area of your life.

I hope you enjoy this great interview with author Derek Rydall.  You can learn more about his new book “The Abundance Project” by clicking the book link.


I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Arielle Ford, Debbie Ford’s sister about a hidden manuscript that Debbie Ford has written just prior to her death from a long bout with cancer.  The story about how this manuscript and how it was found, is just as interesting as the content of the book.  I encourage you to listen carefully to the sequence of spiritual events that occured to Arielle that allowed this book to come about and be published, a fascinating sequence of events being facilitated from her sister and a medium that spoke to her from the otherside.

So, now about “Your Holiness“.   Debbie Ford wrote this book in full disclosure of her life and all of her dark shadows.  As many of you know she fought drug addiction for years and was successful in overcoming the addiction.  As Debbie writes in “Your Holiness” “what you are seeking at the deepest level exist inside you, in the quietude of your inner world, in the privacy of your sweet heart. So now it’s your responsibility, your holy responsibility, to encode your consciousness with thoughts, feelings, and images that will support you in creating the perfect internal environment to cultivate a deep and intimate relationship with the one you call God.”

Your Holiness” is filled with wonderful poems and allows the reader to make a deep connection to their higher power.  It allows us to remember the importance of “God” in our life, and to live, love, learn and let go.

If you are interested in elevating to a new level of spiritual understanding, then please read “Your Holiness“.  You can learn more about Debbie Ford by going to the website for the Ford Institute or to the book website by clicking here.

I hope you enjoy this great interview with Debbie’s sister Arielle Ford.

Woman’s advocate and specialists Leslie Peter’s RN has a very interesting perspective on the topic of “Adverse Childhood Experiences”.  Here experience is a direct result of being the victim from childhood abuse from her father as a child,  as well as counseling thousands of women who have been the victims of childhood abuse.

Leslie has worked with women in impoverished communities as an registered nurse in a hospital, and as she would question these women upon admission to the hospital she heard and saw first hand how much of a problem “Adverse Childhood Experiences” were affecting these women from being able to extract themselves from poverty.  The condition also has adverse effects on their mental and physical health as well as  a very challenging problem to deal with.  It is difficult at best for these women to shift their psychological mindset so that they can extract themselves from being stuck in this insidious cycle.

I took this opportunity to have a very open and frank dialogue about “Adverse Childhood Experiences” If you have been a victim of Adverse Childhood Experiences then I would recommend that you listen to my interview with one of the foremost experts in the field.  If you would like to learn more you might want to click here to be directed to as study commissioned by Kaiser and the CDC.

You can also connect with Leslie Peter’s RN by clicking here to be directed to her website, or you can click here to be directed to her Linkedin page.

I hope you enjoy this very interesting podcast with Leslie.

I met author Chris Snider at a Exit Planning Institute meeting here in San Diego.  As I listened to him speak, everything he was saying resonated with me personally and professionally.  How many of you reading this blog entry have businesses and are making an effort to build the value in the business, but it seems to be a struggle?  Believe me this is not uncommon, it happens more that most business owners think.  Dealing with the challenge of building value in your business, not just working for an above average salary with nothing left in the end to sell.

In Chris’s new book “Walking to Destiny-11 Actions An Owner Must Take to Rapidly Grow Value & Unlock Wealth” he points out the reasons why business owners don’t not build value, and the solutions to building great value in your business.  Chris is the designer of a process called the “Value Acceleration Methodology” which is the formula that he developed and can help any business owner build value, and sell their business when they decide to transition for a value that they expect and are happy with.

If you are a baby boomer and own you own business chances are you are going to have to make the decision to create your succession plan very soon.  In the next 20 years over 20 trillion dollars in business value will be sold, transferred to the next generation or merged with other acquiring company.  This is a huge problem, and opportunity for you the business owner to take action and create value now so you get the most for your business when you choose to sell.

I would encourage you to listen to this podcast with Chris, for he is one of the leading experts in the field of exit planning.  His organization Exit Planning Institute help advisors get certified as CEPA’s (Certified Exit Planning Advisors).  Enjoy this great interview with Chris Snider the author of “Walking to Destiny” it’s worth your time to read his book and if you have a business and are attempting to create greater value this book is a must!!!!

I recently had a wonderful podcast interview with author Ann Purcell.  Her new book entitled “The Transcendental Meditation Technique and The Journey of Enlightenment”  In our dialogue we discuss Ann’s history about how she became involved with his Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi teachings.  She is also a wonderful poet, and her book has over 120 poems that will uplift and will stimulate your spiritual being.

Maharishi brought TM to the west in 1958, and the teaching and techniques have spread through our country.   As Ann states TM is a simple, natural, mental technique practiced sitting comfortably with eyes closed.  During the practice, the mind settles down effortlessly to quieter levels of thought until the quietest, most refined level of thinking is transcended and you experience the field of unbounded awareness-transcendental consciousness.

Through TM, you experience the deepest silence of your Self-transcendental consciousness. The TM Sidhi Program which includes Yogic /flying technique, develops the ability of the individual to spontaneously think and act from the most subtle and powerful level of awareness.  Functioning from the level of transcendental consciousness naturally results in more expansive, creative thinking and greater success in effortlessly achieving one’s goals.

If you are interested in learning more about the Transcendental Meditation Technique and Journey of Enlightenment then I highly recommend that you listen carefully to this wonderful interview with master teacher Ann Purcell.

You can visit Ann’s website by clicking here, or you can learn more about her TM through the organizations website’s Facebook page or the organizations website by clicking here.   Enjoy this wonderful interview with author and Transcendental Meditation teacher Ann Purcell.